Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Love the Present

Hello & Welcome to a Californian Christmas.
I'm sitting here bristling with excitement because:
1. I'm drinking a can of Hansen's Zero Calories Black Cherry Premium Soda with No No No preservatives, No sodium & all natural flavours. I'm in No Calorie Heaven. I wonder if I can get it in Sydney?
2. I've just come off the freeway where my friend Marge & Me spent most of the afternoon. In between, we visited Pasadena where Marge drove while I took photos of huge Arts & Crafts style houses & wondered what kind of people lived in them. I was totally thrilled to visit the historic Gamble House which was used as Dr. Emmet Brown's home in the 'Back to the Future' series which is one of my all time favourite Triquels.
3. Then we went to H&M. It was like falling into a Black Hole. Honestly, I never thought we would manage to claw our way out of it. We made a number of v. cheap purchases which I will reveal to you in the Fullness of Time.
Now Scroll Back to the Top Photo. It will be Totally Worth It.
Look look look above at the top photo. It's a house owned by an Anonymous Family called The Beckers in Simi Valley in Ca. I was taken there as a Special Treat. Apparently, every Major Holiday, The Beckers go to town Hyper-decorating their modest suburban home so that a whole lot of Free-Loaders like me can trawl over their front yard, ending up at the front door marvelling at the Spectacle. I imagine that the whole family are holed up inside the house seething with resentment at this massive invasion of their privacy & perhaps quietly yelling at each other so that their visitors don't hear. Just imagine, though, if you could hear them. I would soo love it. Polar Bears, Penguins, hot air balloons (yes, there's a v. small one hovering over the house) & Santa all to the tune of a Family Squabble Soundtrack.
But I'm sure The Beckers are absolutely not like that. I'm sure they are generous & kind-hearted. And wanting to give a little Holiday Magic to the World.

Purchasing Jewellry on Sale Sends Us into a Deep Meditative State.
Look at Marge. As she holds the v. cheap Sale Item up to her Throat Chakra, she is transformed. I am the Mere Recorder of her Altered State, a role I graciously accept.
This happened last Saturday nite at 'Anthropologie' at Santa Monica. What a trip.

The Anti-Christmas Elf.
Outside 'The Coffee Bean' at Malibu. This is one of my v. favourite places in LA. It holds Special Meaning for me because it is v. near to where I had my photo taken last year with Rachel Zoe, the Red Carpet Stylist & reality TV star. It's also where a lot of celebrities are photographed clutching takeaway coffee containers & looking Disassociatedly Dishevelled. Imagine Joan Crawford doing that.
I, of course am dressed up in a whole lotta black & gold chains & pearls. Rather like an Anti-Christmas Elf who could be selling Real Estate on the side.

When I go to Los Angeles, I always look for signs. It's rather hard not to, actually. I particularly loved this one which is currently plastered all over 'Banana Republic's windows. It's soo unselfconsciously spiritual.

Here's my stash of jewels that I brought with me in a plastic 'David Jones' bag. Such an economical traveller.


see you there! said...

Welcome to CA. Glad you brought your jewels, LA can be pretty glitzy.


Della Street Dreaming said...

hi Darla - there's a small chance that I might be popping across to Berkeley to see my friend's stepdaughter in 'The Nutcracker' on saturday night. I'll let you know what's happening. Have a great day


Anonymous said...

Love your blog and your style.