Monday, December 20, 2010

Never Booking in Advance

You'll be relieved to hear that I read in the LA Times that Bing Crosby is making a comeback. Up until now he's only ever been wheeled out at Christmas Time. Now it looks like we're going to be hearing from him all the year around.
The first film my mother took me to see was 'High Society'. Bing was in it. It must have been 1955. I must have been two. How ridiculous. Fancy taking a two year old on their first ever movie outing to watch a whole lot of grown ups in party clothes swill martinis & fight with each other.
Not that Disney's 'Snow White' was much better. Boring whiny Victim Snow White never has a Costume Change for the entire length of the film. Oh maybe when she's in the Glass Coffin.
But that's a whole other story.
We're talking about Christmas. Look at Me & Marge above in the frontyard of her son's girlfriend's house. It had totally been transformed into the North Pole complete with Polar Bears. You can see from the expression on my face that I was stunned. Marge is kindly petting the bears.
Here's a window display from The Gold Bug, a shop in Pasadena we visited. The Giant King Rodent was a real Conversation Piece. I was not moved to want to purchase it, although I'm sure there are many people who are just aching to own one. I felt the same way about the stuffed goats in the window display below.
But there were many other wonderful & amazing things there. I do recommend a visit.

Back to More Historic Houses. It's my last full day here in LA & as I type, Marge is scouring her computer for other Historic Houses for us to visit. She found one, The Foster House in Ventura, but it sadly burned down in August.
We thought about going to 'Lotusland' in Montecito, but of course you have to book in advance, something we rarely, if ever do.
I wonder what my life would have been like if I had Always Booked in Advance?

This is me impersonating Crazy Paving outside the entrance of Historic Adamson House in Malibu. Oh, that's another thing about us visiting these joints. They're always closed when we go so we have to peer in from outside. This place was supposed to be open, but because it was Litely Sprinkling, the Docents/Tour Guides had shut up shop. We didn't let that bother us. In fact, Marge, who is far braver than me, boldly strode into an Off Limits Area, the Poolhouse, which is where the original owner of the House, Merrit Adamson blew his brains out after becoming depressed because he lost his athleticism at aged 60. This happened in 1949.

I have absolutely oodles to tell you about this place. But perhaps you'd be bored. But I'll tell you a little anyway, because it's My Blog & I can Blog What I Want.
Look look at me impersonating the huge door. I am standing on 'Malibu Potteries' Tiles which are all over it . In fact, Adamson House is known as The Taj Mahal of Tiles.
The place was decked out for Xmas like you wouldn't believe, although not as much as The North Pole House I mentioned earlier. You could go on Nite Tours to see all the decorations lit up, but of course we didn't Book in Advance so we missed out.
I'm wearing a Wool Blazer that Marge bought at the huge 'Salvation Army' Depot in Thousand Oaks. Sadly, it doesn't fit her, but it appears to fit me.

Here's Marge impersonating a Cool Christmas Wreath. Apparently, Mrs Rindge, the mother of the original owner, stuck v. elaborate wreaths on this door. Nowadays, Strict Council Regulations prevent anything being stuck on front doors obviously for Important Safety Reasons. Note that the wreath is hanging from the door frame. That must make it hard for visitors to enter via the front door which was a problem that we fortunately didn't have to deal with.

Food has been Rather a Challenge during my visit. And also lattes. But I have set that all aside & just gone with the flow. I've happily swilled 'Starbucks' Gingerbread Lattes & even eaten Carbs after 5. Here I am proudly showing off my carb intake at a diner in Pasadena that has been proudly serving the same hamburger since 1947. Note my necklace that I bought v. cheaply at 'Anthropologie'. Also note the wearing of sweatbands. What a wonderful way of combining Style with Exercise Clothing.
It is now totally freezing. It has rained constantly for two days. It kept me awake last nite. I have just eaten a 'Trader Joe's' 'Kozy Shack' Chocolate Pudding containing a mere 60 calories even though it's only 9.30 am.


ReaderRita said...

Oh, if you still have any time left- try to get to The Museum of Jurassic Technology, located at 9341 Venice Boulevard (in the "Palms" district of Los Angeles). It's very interesting and odd. My other favorite place, Forrest Ackerman's "Ackermansion" is sadly gone now...
Plus there are loads of cool shops in Los Feliz.
Also, if you have to get a franchised-coffee-shop-coffee, Caribou is INFINITELY better than Starbucks, and Seattle's best is even better than that.
Plus, there used to be a great "Goodwill" (or Salvation Army?) thrift store in Santa Monica (or very near...), and a trip there was always a huge boon to my wardrobe.
Happy, Merry, and a wonderful flight home to you!
(You lucky sunshiney winter enjoyer, you!)

ReaderRita said...

Yikes, I just googled TMOJT, and it's listed as 9341 Venice Blvd. in Culver City. I hope that's still in the same place. I used to go past it all the time...

see you there! said...

Love those old houses and all the brick/tile work looks so amazing. Have a safe trip home.


ReaderRita said...

If you are ever again planning a trip to LA and you check back to this post for any reason, I'd like to update again with: the location of the Goodwill (or Salvation Army) Thrift shop might have been in Westwood. I wish I could remember exactly. It was HUGE- in a giant airplane hangar-like building. It was wonderful. I still have some of those togs, and that was WAY back in 1989...