Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Cats

Christmas Cats
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Season's Greetings, dear Friends, or Perhaps Friend.
Here is a Christmas Card from Me to You. Sadly, I wasn't able to incorporate Hannukah in the card. Somehow, 'Hannukah & Christmas Cats' doesn't really work. Or perhaps I should have just mentioned 'Holidays' instead of Christmas. But 'Holiday Cats' just doesn't do it either. It lacks that special 'Double C' ring to it that 'Christmas Cats' has.
And you might also wonder what a large gaggle of wooden Balinese cats has got to do with Christmas or Holidays?
Absolutely nothing, except that they look kind of festive.
Please feel free to send this card on to your friends & family if you can be bothered. Just know that its an Original Della Street Dreaming Photograph.
OH, I'm in Los Angeles. That's probably why I mentioned Hannukah. Must hop into the shower because I'm going out soon. Shortly, I will be thrown out of my friend Marge's moving Hybrid Car on the corner of Wilshire Boulevard & Third Street in Santa Monica so that I can go shopping while she works. Hopefully, I'll find "Hennessey & Ingalls' Art & Architecture Bookstore where I might find some hidden treasure.
Can't wait.

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