Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Drowning in a Sea of Outfits.

I've just made a commitment to write this blog entry in five minutes because I'm v. keen to watch a doco about Toulouse Lautrec. And I must get some inspiration which I always do when I look at his pictures even though he wasn't much chop to look at & the details of his sad little life are hard for a Sensitive Soul like me to hear.
So...... its going to be Stream of Unconsciousnesss from now on......... Setting my Sentences Free!!!
Luckily, I've got some Thrilling Pics to fill up the void.
Look at me & Deedree above. I am standing, Cat that Ate the Canary style at my Op Shop Stall that was the culmination of the school's Festival of the Outfit this week. I am wearing a genuine 80s knit dress that was way too hot for yesterday's Super Spring weather. I am also wearing a badge I cleverly made to celebrate the event. Sadly, everyone thought that it was a birthday badge which it certainly wasn't. And if it was I would never Knowingly Outwardly Celebrate it. But that's a whole other story.
Stick to the Script Sue.

Here's a Groaning Table of Op Shop goods. I was shocked when students started to actually buy the stuff. But buy they did & a few even stole. I think we made about eight hundred dollars over two lunch times. You have to sell an awful lot of sausages to make that kind of money.

Here's three of my Main Helpers. I couldn't believe what superb spruiking sellers they were.

Clever, nimble Evangeline who reminds me a little of Jo from 'Little Women' came up with the idea of hanging dresses, Strange Fruit style from a tree at recess to advertise the lunchtime sale. No one took any notice. Or if they did they asked why the dresses are hanging there .

Here's what I wore on the final day of the Festival. At present, I am totally crazy about Shocking Pink and would love to wear some variation of it every day even though it might make me look like I'm ready for a game of bingo. In keeping with the Spirit of Op Shop, I'm totally dressed from 'BednobsEtc', who, incidentally are receiving all the proceeds as well as the unsold items.
Bruno Magli shoes bought from there by my friend, The Ex-School Nurse & kindly passed to me. Carla Zampatti silk skirt. Charlie Brown silk like substance blouse with large pussybow which has a Will of Its Own. I wish I did.
Here's me supervising the sale later on in the day. I've popped a little 'Esprit' number on over the blouse. Note my 'Splendours from the Sea' mess of bracelets. Sadly, the circulation in my arm was cut off. But at least it looked good. Which is all that matters.
This has taken 20 minutes instead of 5. But it was worth it.
Have got soo much more to say......... My friend Carla is worried that I may become one of those Poor Hoarders who are found dead in their homes under an avalanche of Hoardings. I would like to write about that. And I also want to extoll the virtues of Embracing Failure as a Possible Path to Enlightenment. Thank you Rebecca, Darla & Janavi for your encouraging comments. I did so love reading them but was too busy or full of myself to bother writing in the appropriate section.
Lautrec awaits........ Shame I haven't got any Absinthe.


ladyjanewriter said...

That sale looks like so much fun, and, a good idea.

I adore the outfit with the shocking pink pussybow! Glorious!!!!

see you there! said...

You really organized a great event. I'll bet those who attended enjoyed themselves.

As for "the virtues of Embracing Failure as a Possible Path to Enlightenment" - that sounds like a good book title. I might even be able to give you a chapter or two.


Rebecca said...

It is impossible for me to imagine you being "full of yourself"! Especially in this Venture - you made room for So Many Participants and Benefited many, many more!

I'm still trying to figure out the coke can thing...lovin' the shopping pink...and mentally composing my personal "Splendour from the Sea" mess of bracelets.

janavi said...

I so enjoy this blog.
LOVE the shocking pink with the striped skirt.
I believe Schiaparelli's autobio was called Shocking Life. I think she coined the word shocking pink.

Enlightenment thru Failure- Ha!!
Could be a big book.