Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Did you, O Reader, notice the title of this Blog entry?
Yes, that's right.
Don't think for a moment that you've seen that word before because you Absolutely Haven't because I just made it up. And I'm thrilled.
I must say that I spent some time deciding on the correct spelling. But I eventually went with the Double G which adds a certain excitement to what is already an exciting new word, don't you think?
Feel free to use it freely.

And Bloggaganza it certainly is. So many things to tell you & so many photos to walk you through. But wait! Its almost my Official Bedtime so I will have to Gallop rather than Trot.
Tally Ho!
Look look above at my Dr. Della look . I'm loving it. The white 'Saba' coat definitely has a Medical Feel. Sadly, I could never have been a doctor because I don't have the brains or the stomach for it. I was briefly enrolled in nursing after I left school but dipped out at the last moment when I realised I would have to empty used bedpans & perhaps see blood. The only reason why I wanted to become a nurse was so that I could marry a doctor, preferably a brain surgeon because of my Absolute Devotion to a late sixties TV show called 'Ben Casey' about a v. worried & somewhat taciturn brain doctor who looked like Elvis with curly hair.
Note the two coloured shoes. Or is it, 'two tone' shoes? I'm never sure. They've been popping up all week because I've almost convinced myself that they look Chanelesque.

Here's some more Arm Candy. Was it Zizzi who corrected me about the Real Meaning of that term? As you can see I'm still using it because:
(a) I quite like it
(b) I can't think of another term for lots & lots of elasticised bracelets tightly wound around each other causing massive cutting off of circulation to the Hand
(c) Nobody made an alternative suggestion.

Toy Chanel Outfit # 2
In the above Toy Chanel outfit, I am wearing at least three, if not four Chanel-inspired things. Can you pick them?
As a totally unrelated Side Issue, note that I am still Slavishly Wearing sockettes under my shoes. I just can't give them up. They're almost like Security Blankets which is a term that was originally coined by Charles M Schulz in 'Peanuts'. I read that yesterday in the newspaper because maybe there's some anniversary coming up.

I've often wondered what character in 'Peanuts' I am.
Of course I would absolutely love to be Lucy. Who wouldn't?
And I'd love to have the gay abandon of Snoopy sleeping on the roof of his house. But I would never do anything like that.
Charley Brown? Absolutely no.
Linus is probably the closest. He has his Security Blanket & I've got my Security Sockettes.

Toy Chanel Outfit #3
In the above photo, I've got soo much Toy Chanel on that I'm getting all tangled up in it.

A Merciful Break from Toy Coco.
Here I am dressed in sensible 'Max Mara Weekend'. And midnite blue Bally pumps worn of course with Security Sockettes.
Oh, everything is from 'BednobsEtc'.

The Sound of Snapping Asparagus.
What a shame that asparagus isn't spelled with an 's'.
Here is Maeflower, my daughter who made a lightning visit over the weekend. She arrived at 4pm, cooked the Sunday 'Mad Men' dinner, ate it whilst enthusiastically chatting to the usual guests & was in a taxi to the airport to transport her back to Canberra by 8.15 pm.
What a Wonder Woman.
Here she is snapping off the ends of these rather butch looking asparagus. I must say that I was shocked by the loud snapping sound they made. As if they were objecting to what was about to happen to them.

I must must must get into bed. The whole time I've been blogging I've had Marianne Faithfull on the TV being annoyingly interviewed by a smarmy Gen X interviewer who sycophantically lamented how she missed out on the sixties & what was it really like? Marianne knowingly laughed, & revealed that the Magic Ingredient at the time was Youth.
I've spent my entire life wanting to look like Marianne to no avail. But I'm not quite sure that I'd like to look like her now.
But look at Me & Maeflower taken before she started cooking.
She looks totally ravishing & On Trend with shorts with opaque tights, Ironic Boat Shoes & an Olive Green tee with charming text on it that says 'L.A.Mour'. My sentiments entirely.

I am wearing my new obsession which immediately makes me Simple & Chic- a Sweatband on my poor wrist. I am having an holiday from the Arm Candy & the stress of no circulation. Note the robot with diamante eyes pendant that looks v. perky with my 'BednobsEtc' Roberto Cavalli men's shirt. Just so you know, I am wearing fairly high heels in training to finally wear my 'Ferragamo' stilettos so I look taller than Mae. I'm not.


see you there! said...

Yes, this is a Bloggganza if I ever saw one! I really like all the outfits shown, you've been doing a lot of black/white lately which is my staple.

You and your daughter look terrific. Grown daughters can be a treasure can't they?


The Writing Instinct said...

Loved your Bloggaganza and the pics of you and Maeflower. Simply Gorgeous!


PS Is asparagus the singular or plural? If it's the former, would the plural be asparagi...how about sasparagus...then you could have your alliteration...and eat it too ;)

Della Street Dreaming said...

I love your comment, Mervat about asparagus. I, too was wondering about what really happens when it becomes plural. Sasparagus is inspired! thank you. Sue