Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Blogging Isn't Just My Job, It's My Duty!

1. You can always tell I'm exhausted & desperate to make my Official Bedtime, Oh Reader when I write in my favourite text type, The Numbered Point.
2. And you can always tell I've been watching 'Fashion Police' on The Style Channel when I start quoting Joan Rivers which I already have in this blog entry, not that anyone will have noticed.

3. Every year at this time, I give a little depressed gasp when I spy my First Xmas Decoration. I always make a mental note of where actually I see it so that forever after, the area will always have a nasty black mark against it. Like I can't actually walk past the spot again without inwardly groaning.
This year, it was the back of the first aisle in my local supermarket, 'Woolworths Potts Point'. It must have been at least ten days ago, so we're talking just after the midpoint of October.
It was a modest display of something or other featuring sleighs, snow & Santa, none of which have anything remotely to do with an Australian Xmas. But perhaps I'm nit-picking.
I shivered & quickly hurried along to the L'Oreal 'Age Imperfect' Face Scrubbing Section.
Reluctantly I endorse this product. I buy it for two reasons:
(1) the packaging looks slightly like 'Clarins' if you weren't looking too hard. Not that I think 'Clarins' does a thing except smell nice;
(2) Its cheap.
In case you were wondering, I use 'Age Imperfect' Facial Wipes before I go to bed because I couldn't be bothered going to much trouble, & in the morning I use 'Age Imperfect' milk cleanser & toner. And then I apply some wrinkle cream or other. My only criterion for selecting the cream is that it must, I repeat, must make outrageous claims about Immediate Wrinkle Disappearance. I find that reassuring.

The Swan.
4. Some weeks ago I promised to show off what I bought at the 'Dinosaur Designs' Warehouse Sale. And since I'm always a Stickler for Keeping Promises, here it finally is.
Look look above. Here I am just moments before our exciting Annual CPR Training last week. Can't you tell from the shape of my mouth that I'm already practicing breathing into the plastic manikin that was soo generously provided for the occasion?
Suddenly the typing is in italics & I am powerless, like soo much else in my life, to change it.
Oh, but its stopped, like so much else in my life, of its own accord.
Perhaps there's a lesson in there somewhere.

5. Anyway, I'm wearing Two, not One Necklace(s).
(1) The plastic flower necklace was from 'Anthro' in California.
(2) The Swan Pendant was from the 'DD' warehouse sale.
I totally loved wearing them with a thrifted silken like Italian jacket with little cut outs that I pray are just this side of Twee.

If You're Over Fifty, Beware of Wearing Outfits that Come with a Wand.
6. That's another line from Joan Rivers.
7. The next three outfits have a Common Denominator. Actually there's More than One:
(1) I am wearing shirts;
(2) Two of them are black & white;
(3) All three of them were originally thrifted by Aileen, the 97 year old mother of My B. Friend Marge.
I featured Aileen on the blog last year. Perhaps you may remember. Its far far too late & perilously close to my Official Bedtime for me to go & find the entry for you. Why don't you trawl through last years entries yourself?
Probably around May. I swear it will be worth it.

Focus on Misery, Not Lace Inserts.
27. I've got v. little left to say except that I'm really moving into Slightly Slutty in these outfits.
Joan might say that I've moved up from 'Hooker to Call Girl'. How fantastic.
Look v. closely at the footless tights in the outfit above. Notice the lace inserts on the side that go all the way up the leg. Today at therapy, I noticed my therapist being slightly distracted by them at one point. I quickly uncrossed my legs & pulled my dress down. I just want him to focus on my misery, not my lace inserts.
Anyway, I'm throwing them in the bin after Trixie told me that they reminded her of her Style-Free- Tracksuit -Wearing- Aunt- from -Lake -Munmorah.


Rebecca said...
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Rebecca said...

I feel that I got my money's worth from your post today. Of course, I ALWAYS leave somewhat Stunned by your Fashion Combinations...and ALWAYS Smiling. (SOMETIMES full of Curiosity....) But today I have left with your Recommendation for Wrinkle Cream. Now that I'm anticipating my 62nd Birthday, I am Frantically searching for a Miracle in a Bottle. So I leave confidently fortified with your Personal Criteria--that it "must make outrageous claims about Immediate Wrinkle Disappearance." I KNOW that I, too, shall find this Most Reassuring.

Della Street Dreaming said...

Oh Rebecca - Happy Anticipatory Birthday! I do hope you treat yourself with a wrinkle cream. I recommend 'Garnier' which I'm sure is at your supermarket just near the cotton buds.
Curiosity? What about?

Anonymous said...

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