Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Like Sands Through the Hourglass, These Are the Days of Our Lives

A Mainly Show & Not Much Tell Kind of Post.
Holiday Residue #1.
During luncheon at 'Revolver' Cafe at Annandale with my friend, the Poetess Maud Darkstar, I was slightly surprised, but not alarmed when the green tea was served with a Pink Hourglass. It instantly reminded me of all those wasted hours I spent in my youth watching 'Days of Our Lives' which always began with a shot of an hourglass accompanied by the voice of Macdonald Carey saying, 'Like sands though the hourglass, these are the days of our lives'.
I always felt Slightly Guilty every time I heard it. Like I should be out Pole Vaulting or Abseiling or something instead of sitting in a darkened room watching TV.

Can you guess, O Reader, what the purpose of the hourglass was? I certainly had no idea at the time.

Holiday Residue #2.
I attended a wonderful 64th Birthday Party for my friend, Carol, the Temptress. She lives in a sophisticated apartment a stone's throw from mine. My apartment has too many Rotting Dolls & Doll houses in it to be considered sophisticated.
Being at Carol's made me feel all sophisticated & grown up . In fact, a little too grown up. Possibly elderly. Which wasn't helped by the hugely unflattering Wild Animal Print top with two huge fake flowers that hung off the side like horrid black hernias.
Quelle Horreur! What was I thinking?
It's just that I'm a sucker for Wild Animal Print. I hope that I'm not unconsciously trying to look like Jackie Collins.
Speaking of witch , I watched her Elderly Sister, Joan , in a 'Miss Marple' telemovie the other nite. OMG, she's let herself go. I never thought that she would let her little waist thicken.
But she has.

Holiday Residue #3.
Being a Pisces, I've always identified with mermaids & kind of toyed with the idea of wanting to become one for a while. Thank God I didn't take it further.
I'm standing outside 'The Revolver' Cafe again wearing a genuine 'Commes Des Garcons' shirt that I bought ages ago at 'BednobsEtc'. I rarely wear it because I'm frightened of wearing it out.

As I've mentioned in a previous post but undoubtedly you've forgotten, I'm currently reading John Water's book 'Role Models' at an Alzheimic Snail's Pace. John devotes a whole chapter to Rei Kawhatever who is the designer for 'CDG'. He loves her clothes because, according to him they are kind of unfinished & impractical & uncomfortable to wear & arty & jokey all at once. Like a jacket will come with tomato sauce stains down the front that are really part of the pattern of the fabric. Ha ha.
Sadly, my shirt is Sans Jokey Stains (except of course the ones that I have created myself), but it does look a little unfinished.

Holiday Residue #4.
This is what I wore on the last day of my hols. Note the Arm Candy below. Winding all these bracelets around my wrist together is my New Hobby. Or is it more correctly, a 'Pastime'?
The only downside is that it cuts off my circulation, which is a v. small price to pay.
I dislike the term 'Arm Candy' & would like to come up with a more appropriate name.
Am stumped at the moment. But that could be because its getting dangerously close to my Official Bedtime. If you can think of anything, please let me know. I'd be soo grateful.

Holiday Residue # 5.
I'm still Boot Camping.
Note my fab tee shirt, given to me by Bridget, one of my favourite Senior Students as a leaving gift. It says 'Fake it till you make it' which was what I always said to the class when they would ask me really annoying whiney questions like, 'what if I get into the exam & I can't remember anything?'
Note I'm wearing Twin Black Sweatbands which is also becoming Another Firm Favourite. I don't think that there is anything as simple & as chic as a couple of black sweatbands.
I've always ached to be Simple & Chic & now I am.
Have just watched an old episode of 'The Rachel Zoe Project'. Rachel was doing a Major Crawl Job to designer Diane von Furstenberg who said that she, Diane, had become, 'the woman she had always wanted to be'. And so, too had Rachel.

Holiday Residue #7
Here is a fantastic loaf that Moniker baked from a recipe from 'The River Cottage' cookbook. It was fab.
Today at lunch in the staffroom we had an argument about eating carbs after 5 pm which is one of my General Eating Rules, although I don't always stick to it.
Everyone scoffed at me. Someone sneerily asked how does Daylight Saving interfere with the rule? Does my body realise?
What Naysayers.


elegancemaison said...

What a great eclectic post! Lots to comment on. First the hourglass timer - perhaps how long to stew the tea? Looks far too long for me as I prefer very weak tea.

I rather like you in the animal print top - though agree the flowery things are too much.

Now really 'Arm Candy' is so NOT bracelets. It's a very good-looking member of the opposite sex holding on to your arm in an outward display of a somewhat closer relationship (!) As for a line of bracelets - who knows - but I do love the diamante and pearl one.

I might take up your "no carbs after 5pm" rule as I'm on a diet and I must say you're looking great in you boot camp outfit. Simple and Chic - absolutely!

Della Street Dreaming said...

Oh elegancemaison, what a lovely series of comments to wake up to! you are of course correct about the purpose of the timer.
And I'm glad you've mentioned that Arm Candy is a human not a bracelet or a series of bracelets!
Have a great day

Trixie Drew said...

I made that sneering comment about daylight savings and I'm still right!

Rebecca said...

Oh Simple Chic One! You have left me in your Dust!

I was still contemplating the use of the hour glass when came the Arm Candy challenge. Suddenly I wake to the Realization that Multi-Tasking is no longer Easy for me.

Seriously, you ARE looking amazing. All that PoleVaulting has really paid off!

I assume the hour glass is for timing the steeping of the tea?

Anonymous said...

I agree that this certainly was a meaty post. I had to go to the random name generator for your "arm candy" rename challenge but could only come up with "circlet" or "resplendent sphere" . I don't think those will work but I did spend quite a bit of time researching.

see you there! said...

Boot Camp certainly seems to agree with you, you look terrific!

Love the bling, want some of that bread and have no idea what the no carbs after 5:30 is supposed to do but I'm afraid I'd eat the bread anytime if I had it.