Friday, October 1, 2010

Feel the Crimplene!

Do YOU Know Your Favourite Fashion Year?
In my Desperate Bid to watch as much Cable TV as I possibly can now I'm paying for it myself, I have been forced to watch 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show'.
Actually, I've only watched it Almost Once, but I just couldn't bring myself to Complete the Episode. I'm sure it was funny back in 1970, but try as I might, last nite I could only raise a weak smile at the Narcissistic Weather Man on the show. But then, I always weakly smile at Narcissists.
What was strangely disconcerting though, was my sudden attraction to Mary's boss, Lou Grant. Why didn't I realise before that he was kind of sexy, I pondered. Am I developing a Father Complex perhaps?
But then I remembered that I was 57 & a half. And probably older than Lou was back in 1970.

Anyway, I just totally loved all the outfits worn by Mary & her two annoying neighbours. I could almost feel & smell the Crimplene! Such a Miracle Fabric! Shame about the sweating, though.
I realised that 1970 has got to be My Favourite Fashion Year. No one, except Mediterranean Widows & the Hateful Nuns who taught me seemed to have worn black back then. It was all Tangerine & Watermelon & Apple Green & White, although Camel & beige got a good airing as well. And not much jewelry. They just let the clothes do the talking.
I'm not going to say much more about 1970 fashion, nor am I prepared to walk you through what I actually wore back then when I wasn't lurching around in my grey & yellow Brigidine Convent school uniform. Whatever I wore always looked far better in my mind than actually on my body.
One item of adornment that No one would look good in is a pair of Shrek Plush Ears. I spied them in the supermarket yesterday en route to the Instant Oats Section & marvelled at their Inexplicableness & later heartily congratulated myself for being able to resist the urge to place them inside my trolley.
Must hop into bed now. Since its Holidays, I will allow myself a little lee-way to have some reading time before Lights Out. Now I've gone so far as to recommend a book, I must must must read it.
But a little part of me would much rather read about Brad's 'split' from Rachel Zoe on
Stay tuned for more on my Role Models & see what I bought at the 'Dinosaur Designs' Warehouse Sale & what I've bought lately at 'BednobsEtc'. Oh, the thrills just keep on coming!


Rebecca said...

Chuckling as I read....I fell behind a couple of posts, but be assured, I can't stay away too long! I need my Della Fix.

So funny about Lou Grant :)

Enjoy your break. I'm going to put a hold on the books you've recommended. Right now am trying to finish up an Alexander McCall Smith book. Easy Peasy reading - uncomplicated and simple. (Guess that's the same thing.)

Della Street Dreaming said...

Funny you should mention Alexander McCall, Rebecca - I was looking at a book by him yesterday at 'BednobsEtc'. It seemed to be a follow up on what happened to the Lady Detective after she became engaged to the humble mechanic. Sadly, I didn't buy it. I've only read about a third of one of the books - something about the tears of the giraffe which I found such a wonderful image. But I've totally loved the TV series with Jill Scott, who I saw in a TV movie this week & was v. surprised to realise that she was not from Botswana, but in fact American!

see you there! said...

Mary Tylor Moore? Now there's a blast from the past. I always liked her quirky friend/neighbor best. What was her name? Not Rita but something like that.

I have to go google crimplene, I don't know exactly what it is.


Della Street Dreaming said...

Crimplene, Darla is perhaps Australianese for a Polyester type fabric.
Rhoda Morgenstern was the name of the neighbour I think you're thinking of, although Mary did have another neighbour played by Cloris Leachman.