Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Establishing My Paternity

Ed Asner Could Have Been My Father.
Previously on 'Della Street Dreaming': After watching part of an episode of The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Our Heroine was slightly disturbed at discovering that she found the character of Lou Grant, played by Ed Asner, Somewhat Sexy. She wondered that she may have unexpectedly developed a Father Complex. But then she remembered that she was currently 57 which was probably Ed's actual age when he made the show. Relief set in. She always knew that she was Nothing, if Not Age Appropriate.

Back to Now:
1. After extensive Wikiing. Or is it Wicking? Or perhaps you would prefer the more formal, Wikerpediaring?, I discovered that Ed is actually old enough to be my father. He is 80.
2. As I am adopted & have no REal Idea who my biological father is, there is nothing to say that he isn't Ed Asner.
3. Look look look at me wearing jeans in 1983. It was probably the last pair I owned. No need for me to use a Butt Cam which nowadays is generously provided in many jean shops . And look how high they are. Almost Empire Line.
I could say a whole lot more about Bottoms & how I've always felt that people including me hold Major Sadness in them, but I won't. Perhaps that's just another Fanciful Thought along with the idea that Grey is the Colour of Fear which I now know is untrue.
But I still think that some Bottoms look v. sad, particularly if they resemble pears.
4. Look at how long my hair was back then. I swear to God that is its natural colour. And I don't really care if you don't believe me. So, maybe my Real Dad isn't Ed Asner, who came from an Orthodox Jewish family from Russia.
Perhaps my father was a Swede, although I am not fond of overly cold winters, or Scandanavian Moderne Design, & I find 'Ikea' upsetting & Saunas claustrophobic. Oh, & I am one of the v. few people I've met who was bored rigid through most of 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo'. The book I mean, not the movie, which I absolutely wouldn't see because I could kind of read the violence, but I couldn't watch it.
And I dislike Daylight Saving which has just sadly arrived, so I would totally loathe those long days in Sweden when the sun doesn't set until 3am or whatever.
As you can see, I am an absolute treasure trove of information about Swedes.
5. Have just watched the last half of 'Annie Hall', a great favourite of mine back when I was wearing those Sad Bum Jeans. As usual, I found Diane Keaton really annoying, but loved her outfits, particularly the shirts, waistcoats & tie look which I'm sure you are familiar with. If not, go & google it. You won't be disappointed.
I'd love to walk you through my favourite parts of the movie (& there are many), but I won't because I'm desperate to watch a show on Decoding Hieronymus Bosch's Disturbing Paintings.
But I will point out a couple of things: (a) Christopher Walken played Annie's truly disturbing brother in what must have been one of his first roles. But perhaps I should consult 'Uncle Wiki', (or is it, 'Aunt'?) before I make such claims;
(b) Jeff Goldblum, in what I am almost certain is his first (uncredited) film role as a guest at a LA party that Annie & Woody attend who is on the phone asking what his mantra is because he has forgotten it. Please be assured that it was funny in the film if not on the blog.
Some jokes just don't make that leap.


Rebecca said...

It's so hard to keep up with you - but I think I see a bit of wistfulness in Ed's eyes as he contemplates the Slim to Nothing Possibility that you might be his biological daughter...or is it his jealousy over your long, thick, blond hair???

see you there! said...

I just saw an interview with Asner about a new antimated show where he is the voice of the old grumpy man. I guess it is a "kid" movie but he seemed to be enjoying the whole role.

I'm sure he would enjoy being your father as well.


Della Street Dreaming said...

Darla - I think you might be talking about 'Up', where he plays the voice of a grumpy old man who is full of grief because of the death of his wife. Then an adorable but lonely little boy comes into his life. I watched about half of it.
Thank you both! Perhaps it would be nice to be Ed's daughter! You never know.