Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Illustrated Woman

I ended up my last post by announcing that I admired Judge Judy because she popped up on my muted television while I was typing. I quickly pressed the 'Publish Post' button so I could de-mute the TV &  gain some much-needed Pearls of Wisdom from the Judge's Faux Bench. I wasn't disappointed. 
When confronted by two v. sassy young girls who were suing each other because one of them 'Keyed' the other's car, J. Judy asked them, 'Who's got the biggest attitude in the room?'
Of course both of them said that THEY had the biggest attitude. 
But they were wrong.  J. Judy's got The Biggest Attitude. 
Maybe I can get some  too. I'll start rolling my eyes & cocking my head & calling everyone 'Girlfriend'. Oh, maybe that's a little too Tyra Banks. 
 Back to Me.
Talking of Wardrobe Choices, here's a Holiday Wardrobe Snap. I took it today. I quite like it except I look a little Doe in the Headlights around the eyes.
I'll just walk you through My Holiday Outfit. Today was painting & collaging day. It was also incredibly hot - 33 degrees celsius. I don't know it in fahrenheit. So, I wore a thin tee shirt I bought a couple of years ago from 'Gap' in Pasadena. We don't have 'Gap' in Australia, which in my book is no loss.  I usually eschew clothes with words or Designer's names on them. Why would I want to wear a word or someone else's name? But I quite like 'Inspi(red)', although the brackets are a bit whatever. I decided to continue the text theme on to my necklaces. One diamante necklace says 'Love' & the other says, 'Carrie'. You may recall that on my little film I declare that 'Carrie was Over'. But it doesn't stop me wearing her name around my neck. Particularly when it's Not My Name.  The old diamante necklace is probably from the forties. I've had it for decades. And the wonderful earrings were part of the Huge Xmas Bounty I received from my friend Marge. 
Almost, but Not Quite, Understated.


see you there! said...

The brackets on that tee are, uh, yeah... HAHAHA

I could handle the necklaces but I'll leave those understated earrings with you Judge Della.


Janet said...

I think Judge Judy is extremely amusing! And I love those earrings. And I'm really happy the Hildays are OVER!!!!
ps- can't wait to see the new artwork!

Sheila said...

You look great - love the earrings.

I'm very "meh" on the Gap. I never go in there unless I happen to be with friends. Their clothes are cheaply made and boring.

Della Street Dreaming said...

Sheila - I love the word 'meh'. I believe that it's going to be in the dictionary. I'm sure I didn't dream it.