Saturday, January 24, 2009

Keep Calm & Carry On

Today was a heatwave. At about two this afternoon Google said the temperature was 41c which is probably a hundred & fifty in fahrenheit. I could hardly drink my Regulation Two Takeaway Skim Lattes.
Panic set in. How am I going to survive Global Warming, I asked myself.
And what about rising sea levels? Would my apartment building be submerged in the harbour?
Would I be a Withered Old Crone by then ,  stuck in her eighth floor apartment slowly drowning from the rising tide?
Or was it  happening now? There were Ominous Signs from the Natural World all around -only this morning, a whole slew of Beached Whales were receiving palliative care on some remote beach in Tasmania. Maybe they knew what was happening & decided to throw in the towel before it got too unbearable.
There was only One Thing for Me to Do: Try on some outfits.

Let me walk you through the above ensemble. 
I bought the dress yesterday for $8.95 at one of those Evil Landfill Shops. I have been Magnificent about avoiding them for months, but I occasionally weaken. The dress looks surprisingly good in the photo, but if you look closely, it has a shirred bodice & frilly shoulder straps that go beautifully with my frilly upper arms. Underneath I'm wearing a  'Keep Calm & Carry On' tee shirt that Mr. Ex-Middleaged brought back from the V&A Museum in London in the days before he disappeared. I just love the message which of course appeared on billboards in London Tube stations during the Blitz. Maybe we need a few stuck around the place now in preparation for Global Warming.

The next outfit above, I've inexplicably named 'Blue Anima'. It's entirely thrifted & never been worn together. Maybe I should keep it that way. But school is going back next tuesday & I need some new additions to my English Teacher's Wardrobe.
 I'm trying to stand up straight & not stoop like I'm growing a Dowager's Hump. But it makes me look like I've got a Huge Verandah out the front.

I can't think of a name for this last outfit. Maybe 'Creme Fish' as there's one dangling from a homemade necklace. It's almost worth clicking on the photo to enlarge it so you can see the fish. Go on, why don't you?

I've actually got more to show you. But now I've 'calmed down', I think I'll 'Carry On' in front of the television. SBS is replaying the Obama Concert. 


Billie-Mae K said...

I love Creme Fish!

see you there! said...

The hot weather brought out some cool outfits. (Couldn't help myself!)

I clicked to look at the fish, its great. I also like the shoes.


La Belette Rouge said...

I have a poster of Keep Calm and Carry On that I am forever meaning to frame. I love it!! And, I love your tee.

Della Street Dreaming said...

thank you La Belette! I think that it's one of the best sayings!

Sheila said...

I like all of these outfits. The turquoise beads are fab! Also really like the gold shoes, and the combo of blues in Blue Anima is lovely and oceany.

You don't have a Huge Veranda, oh my goodness. Just stick the girls out and put your shoulders back and Stand Up Straight. Be a good example for those impressionable minds.