Saturday, January 31, 2009

Older Women Looking Great with Long Hair

In my last post I made a Rather Broad Sweeping Statement about how women over a certain age, say 30, shouldn't wear hair past their shoulders.  This kind of remark belongs in the back of  The Wardrobe, along with Blue & Green Should Never Be Seen & something about the Seasonal wearing of white shoes. 
One of my favourite online friends who is a Definite Fashionista dropped me a line & gently reminded me that in fact, she has hair past her shoulders & is over 30.
I'm Nothing if Not Insulting. And perhaps not v. observant either. 

Anyway, I was really making a snide remark about Sherry Argov, the author of 'Why Men Marry Bitches'. Not that I've got anything against Dear Sherry, who's book I found slightly uncomfortable because I recognised my Needy Little Self, if not on every page, but on quite a few of them. 
Sherry's hair has Lady Godiva references, which I'm sure attracts droves of men to her little honeypot. I must stop this immediately. I'm being Undignified.

Back to me. 
Yesterday after school, I raced over to 'Just Cuts' & had a haircut. My hair had suddenly become dangerously close to skimming my shoulders & I wanted to avoid Any Hint of Hypocrisy. I love going to 'Just Cuts' because its a mere $25 if I don't have a shampoo which perfectly dovetails into My New Frugality.
I always sit down at the chair, the stylist asks 'How would you like it Love?' & I always say, 'Goldie Hawn'. She nods wisely & then for the next twenty minutes or so I become transported by her words into another world. Yesterday, she told me about the behaviour of her brother-in-law who uses an online dating service to target single mothers for sexual favours. He prefers them because they are so grateful for the attention that they don't complain about shoddy treatment & perhaps performance. Luckily, she's a good hairdresser.
How far I have strayed from My Original Topic!
Anyway, I started to think about Fabulous Women over 30 with  Long Hair & desperately tried to think of examples. First cab off the rank was Stevie Nicks. I half-heartedly googled her. But all her photos looked air-brushed. And you know what a stickler for Reality I am. 
Princess Anne, perhaps? Too much like a Nasty Adult in a Roald Dahl book. Anyway, I'm not sure if she's really got hair past her shoulders.
Then  in a magazine I came across a fawning profile of an Muscular Italian Stick Insect Fashionista called Anna Della Russo. She's the one in the first photo wearing the small snarl, or it it sneer?
 I became instantly entraced. I'm not exaggerating. I would so love to look like her. Or at least a part of me would. She works for Nippon Vogue or something & doesn't like 'Cheap clothes'. 
In an effort to emulate Anna, I visited 'Gucci' today & actually went inside. I was dangerously close to buying one of those dangly charm thingys that hang from handbags for $165. And then I considered buying a 'Messenger' bag for $500. But it was too daggy.  Luckily, all the big ticket bags had far too much Brassy Hardware hanging off them. I'm sure Anna wouldn't be caught dead carrying one of those.

The second picture is of course is Patti Smith. I have never never been hip enough to listen, let alone appreciate the music of Patti Smith. But I do appreciate her general appearance. She is five foot eight, unless she's shrunk in later life. I am five foot three & always wanted to be tall. 
Anyway, I think Patti looks great with long hair & I don't even mind the grey.
If you can come up with any examples of Older Women looking great with Long Hair, I'd love it


janavi said...

This made me laugh sooo much, and I was really needing it! Now I can cancel my appointment for a cut.
Trying to think of examples- Monica Bellucci, that gorgeous Italian actress jumps to mind, and an American TV actress, Susan Lucci. And what about Carla Bruni, isn't her hair longish?
Brava on resisting Gucci!!!

see you there! said...

Ok, "over 30"? That's a Child, LOL! When I was saying older women I was thinking 60's, granny like.

I'm oldfashioned tho and prefer hair that looks like it has a passing acquaintance with a brush too.


Sonya said...

ok, maybe we'll move that 30 to 40, providing of course that the over 40 woman wants it short, since it's such a bother to deal with the tangles the longer hair encourages. I'll admit she looks cool, nice shades, but notice how her hair is really straight and scant and would tangle less?

Della Street Dreaming said...

Thank you Sonya, I agree! My hair is prone to really bad knots because I don't brush it. Although since I've been regularly having it cut, i.e. every seven or so weeks instead of every three months or whenever, it hasn't knotted.
Janavi - I"m intrigued. Why 'brava Gucci'? I assume that you're not overly fond of it, or is it, 'them'? Do tell why!!
Darla - I'm glad you clarified about the age thing. I"m with you on that one, although I must admit to not brushing my hair.

janavi said...

I just meant congrats on resisting spending a lot of $ on some overpriced "luxury" brand. Have nothing against them per se.

Mossback Meadow said...

Emmylous Harris, Carly Simon, MaryJane Butters, Jane Seymore, - there are many.