Monday, February 2, 2009

Wonder Women (& Men) at the 'Mad Men Dinner'

Season Two of 'Mad Men' has been an Absolute Godsend to me.
It's only on Cable TV & I'm the only person amongst my local pals who has cable. So, every sunday evening, I host a dinner where people bring food & I generally roast a chicken. We shovel in the food & then sit up & watch it.
This reminds me of a slightly Bittersweet Scenario from my early childhood.
When I was about three, TV finally arrived in Australia even though it had been going for centuries Elsewhere. My father had a business that sold TVs. So we got the first TV in the street. You can see where this story is going from a mile off, can't you?
For a short while, I was the most popular girl in the street. Every early evening, our living room was packed to the back gills with local boys & girls desperately awaiting the next instalment of 'The Mickey Mouse Club'. Even though I was three, I sensed it wasn't going to last. One by one, the kids fell away as their own families purchased the Beloved Box. Soon it was just me.
Hopefully, when 'Mad Men' finishes, my friends won't disappear. Maybe they'll be another compelling series on cable that will prolong our weekly dinners. 
Last night's episode was a Real Corker. We all sat & cheered when Betty shoved it up Lying Cheating Don & chucked him out of the house. We never thought she had it in her.

I hope you like my New Decorating Touch, photographed at last's week's 'Mad Men Dinner'. I've had the large statue of The Blessed Virgin, who sadly is missing both hands, for almost two decades. She  was in storage for a couple of years, but now She's Back looking over a couple of Genuine & Not-So Genuine Wonder Woman dolls in the kitchen.  In case you're wondering who the Young Man on the left is, it's Tyler, my wonderful step-son.
Can't wait for next week's episode. 
I wonder What Betty Will Do Next?

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Billie-Mae K said...

Tyler?? wtf?

see you there! said...

"Mad Men" must be something only available where you are, I haven't heard of it.

Your table decor is outstanding!


Della Street Dreaming said...

Darla - 'Mad Men' is a US series. I think it recently won a Golden Globe. I know that the first series is available on DVD & probably series 2 in the US. I think that you would like it. It's set in an advertising agency on Madison Avenue. The first series is set in the late fifties around the time of the Nixon/Kennedy TV debates. The second series (which is what we're viewing now) is set a couple of years later. It was conceived & written by a writer from The Sopranos.

Della Street Dreaming said...

Billie-Mae K - Tyler, after Tyler Brule, the famous Style Maker & Forecaster, founder of 'Wallpaper' magazine.
Thanks for reading

Sheila said...

I love that photo - it's like bizarre 50s Life magazine photograph.

I never got hooked on "Mad Men".

Sonya said...

I love the way you're incorporating the Virgin Mary into your decor; most graceful and I love the turquoise of her robes.