Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Take Back the Power.

I'm not really one for reading horoscopes. 
I'm supposed to be a Pisces, but because I'm adopted & so much of my birth was shrouded in secrecy, I don't quite believe I am. Pisceans are supposed to be dreamy & floaty & have a bit of an issue with their feet. I'm not really like that & I've spent my life paying v. little attention to my feet which I think is a shame.  As  I type,  I now feel quite sorry for my feet. They've done so much for me & I've hardly noticed them.
But today Princess Pip spent quite some time pouring over her horoscope.  In fact,  she was so taken with it that she cut it out & gave it to me. 
I instantly felt that it really should have been My Horoscope as well as hers. 
I just loved the bit about Obsession & taking Back the Power, which I soooo need to do. I'm sick of feeling like Betty Milquetoast. Don't you just love that word?

Soon the idea of Taking back the Power seemed to take on a life of it's own in the Staffroom. Goldie became so infused with it that she  wielded a Toy Sword around for a while & produced some interesting results involving spilt lattes & injured toes.

After a while, I became so powerful that I was able to manifest some new used clothes being dumped at my desk. Brava!
The Duchess has a Super Stylish Mother-in-Law called Queen Joy, who decided to cull her vast, impeccably maintained wardrobe. Knowing my great love of being given other people's cast-offs, Joy decided to throw them my way! I'm actually wearing a hot pink silk shirt which was hers & today's offering was a hounds tooth winter coat which you can see peeping out of the plastic bag. Just the ticket for the upcoming Heatwave!

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see you there! said...

There's something about houndstooth check that never seems to go out of style - I'm not sure it is ever IN style either. Just hang around looking familiar. I'll bet I'd like that coat.