Saturday, February 21, 2009

Joan of Arc Has Just Galloped In

Lately, I've been attracted to images of Joan of Arc. Well, not exactly her, but  images from Wildly Inaccurate Hollywood films made about her.
 My favourite Joan of Arc is Ingrid Bergmann. If you didn't know that she was about to be burnt to a crisp, you'd think that she looks Completely Invincible in that Steel Power Suit  with Massive Flag & hair blowing madly in the wind.
Warrior Joan.
So, for my purposes, I'm airbrushing out the Flames & the Stake & I'm just thinking of her as Brave & Powerful. Because that's just what I want to be.

But lately I've been feeling like the Wilting Fleur de lis image of Joan in the Silent film version of her life.
Victim Joan. 
Poor old me, trudging along the supermarket aisles at midnight, bemoaning the fact that everything seems to be sold in Big Value Family Packs. What happened to the Single Unit Household? Weren't we the New Growth Industry?
Poor old me,  sadly smiling at acquaintances on the street & just knowing that they are saying quietly to each other, 'Do you know he dumped her? She must be unbearable to live with!'

Wait a minute......did I hear the word 'Dumped'?  
No, no, NO. Absolutely No More Dumped. (Pardon Me, it's just Sylvia, my Inner Tormentor taking over the reigns for a moment.)

And here she is below. The great thing about Sylvia Fowlmouth is that she really knows how to dress. Look at that hat perched so pertly on her head! And those glaring eyes looking all the world like Really Knowing Fried Eggs hanging off her chest! And her long tapered nails, just this morning painted 'Jungle Red'.
And here I am, wanly smiling up at Sylvia. Sadly, she has a distinct Height Advantage over me. I haven't got a chance.
Until Now. Warrior Joan has just galloped in on her white horse, flag waving, eyes shining. 
'Climb aboard', she commands. 
'But I can't get up. The horse is too high.'
'Nonsense', says Joan, 'You can do it'.


see you there! said...

Sylvia looks way too smug as she smiles there with that ciggy hanging off her fingers. Smack her!


Della Street Dreaming said...

Good idea Darla!

Della Street Dreaming said...
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Radostin said...

Hello, I have been lurking for a while now, ever since spotting you on 'wardrobe remix' (which I am too shy to participate in) and wondering who that lady with the consistantly fantastic outfits and cleary enviable charity-shop-situation might be. So thought I might take the opportunity of this less-than-cheerful post to thank you for being such an inspiration. I don't see how any man could ever leave such a wonderful dresser and necklace-maker, not to mention the myriad other charms I am sure you have in person. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderfullness on the internets, and cheers to you for being so brave. Wishing you only positive changes from now on in your life...

Mervat said...

I think it is still healthy for Sylvia (as smug and as pretty as she is) to show up sometimes...and when she does, indulge her! And then, move on! There are many more green pastures yet to be explored sister!

Della Street Dreaming said...

Thank you Mervat! I have to keep on hearing that!