Monday, February 23, 2009

I Almost PREFER Fake

I spent the weekend in Canberra staying with my daughter & her partner Russell. We had an Ironclad Excuse to Shop because her 21st birthday is rapidly approaching & I wanted to reward both of us.
I need to be rewarded for having her in the first place & then not dropping her or drowning her in the bath & then making sure she got through school & into University without being too much of a slave to current fashion trends. 
I vividly remember going into the early stages of labour. As I sat in a warm bath, I went into a Complete State of Panic when I suddenly realised that it was far too late to change my mind. I had to go through with this. 
No wonder  it took twenty eight hours for her to be born. With thoughts like these swirling around the placenta, I wouldn't be in a big hurry to arrive either. 
Oh God! I've got to finally meet this Mad MotherWoman.  She doesn't even know how to make a nappy. I'd much rather hide in here. How will I cope?

Well, I'm glad to say that not only did Billie-Mae cope, she Flourished. With Bells & Trumpets.

Back to Shopping.
Hopefully, most of the weekend shopping was About Her. But as I type, I'm now gripped with fear, or is it guilt? Did she get most of the stuff or did I? I think she did: vintage handbag, v. cheap thrifted dress, sweater, Chocolate Easter Bilby (an Australian alternative to Bunny) Neil Gaiman's latest book, a glomesh snake necklace. Oh, & a v. moderately priced Olympus camera.

 I bought the items  below. I was soooo thrilled. 
Let me briefly walk you through them. 
For months I've been slobbering over faux Chanel two-toned quilted ballet flats that sat in the window of 'Booty', my local expensive shoe store. In fact, I photographed them early one morning before the snooty owners of the shop arrived. You may, or may not recall seeing them on this blog. I wasn't going to pay hundreds of dollars for them.
But then....Joy O Joy, Good Ol'Target decided to do a Faux Faux Chanel Ballet Flat. In my Opinion, the only decent things in Target are the shoes. That is, if you don't mind wearing Pure Plastic Shoes. Or Fake Leather which I'm sure is a NO NO to many of you. 
But I Almost Prefer Fake. 
And I was 100% Happy (as the tag says) to find the Faux Faux Flats on Sale at Canberra Civic Target! So I just had to have two - the classic black & creme & black & Wild Animal Print. 
And then I found 'Wonder Woman' earrings at 'Diva', another Mall favourite. Lately, WW has become a slight Talisman for me, along with Joan of Arc & Ethel Merman.
It's now 9.30pm. The Oscars are finally on. I must rush off & watch Hugh Jackman's Opening Number. I'm Nothing if Not Patriotic.


see you there! said...

Mother/Daughter shopping trips are the most fun aren't they?

The shoes are cute. Unfortunatley Target's shoes usually don't fit me very well but I might check these out.


Awesome Abby said... there a way I can get a pair of the WW earrings?!?!?! I'd give my right arm!!!!!

Mervat said...

I love those shoes. They are sooo Chanel dahhling! BTW My hubby had a childhood crush on WW. Wonder if he'll like the earrings?!

Please come over to my blog and pick up The Love Ya Award, when you get a chance!


Kasmira said...

I want those earrings!!!