Monday, February 9, 2009

Am I a BraggErt, a BraggArt or Simply a Bragger?

I just had to tell you that my daughter has now got a blog. She's a v. talented writer even though she has eschewed Humanities by studying two Science degrees concurrently. That's the second time I've managed to mention that over the last couple of blog entries. 
I'm Nothing if Not a Shameless Braggert.
And don't you just love that word 'Braggert'? It has a wonderful swagger to it, don't you think?Maybe the correct spelling is 'Braggart'. Or maybe it isn't a word.  Or worse still, maybe the correct word is 'Bragger'.
And I'm supposed to be an English teacher, for crying in the beer.
Anyway, go check her blog. She has five entries so far. She's the type of writer who could write a compelling restaurant review without ever bothering to go to, much less eat at the restaurant under review. It's called The Unreal City.


Sheila said...

It's "braggart" and you seem to have perfected the art of bragging. :D

Will check out her blog.

Della Street Dreaming said...

Thank you Sheila!