Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Whoever Heard of a Fake Kid?

When I was a child & my mother felt my Behaviour in Public was getting a little tiresome, she would say to me loudly in front of Whoever, 'Oh for God's sake, Stop Showing Off!'
It was absolutely the worst thing she could have said about me at the time. I always felt completely explosed & a fraud & a needy idiot.
How's that? A Fraudulent Six Year Old. An Inauthentic Pre-Schooler. A Fake Kid.

 But looking back from the Vantage Point of Age, I can think of many many worse things she could have said. 
'Did you know that my daughter picks her nose & eats it?' is one worse thing.
Fortunately, My Mother never went that far.

My how things change! Nowadays, I'm Loud & Proud About my Showoffiness. Look at the cheesy photo taken today at my desk. I'm showing off my completely Thrifted outfit as well as a desk that has had the entire contents of my bulging pencil case DUMPED on it. Note that I used the word 'dumped' in reference to an inanimate object NOT in reference to myself. 
Maybe I'm Movin' On.
Oh, talking of Mothers & Daughters, my Maisy has written another wonderful food blog post called 'Cheese,' where she discovers the difference between a fake & a real smile in the process of posing next to her Foolproof Quiche. It's a Real Corker! You'd be made to miss it. 


see you there! said...

Where are your bangles? You are missing your bangles. I almost didn't recognize you.

I'll bet I'd enjoy rooting through the stuff you dumped on your desk.


Della Street Dreaming said...

Thanks for noticing Darla that I was sans bangles. I couldn't be bothered wearing them yesterday. Blame it on the weather which has been unseasonably cold for February. What is happening to our country? - floods up north, slightly chilly in Sydney & searing heat & bushfires down south. We've now got over 200 people dead from the fires.

The Writing Instinct said...

And, apparently that toll will be even higher by the end of the week. How utterly sad. At least our farmers have had some relief with rain and hopefully a good yield from crop.

PS Isn't it a bummer trying to work out what to wear of a morning? Do you dress for cool weather or warm and muggy, the two extremes we have had today?