Monday, February 16, 2009

The Most Unflattering Outfit I've Worn in Years

Ah, Patricia Field....(you know, the SATC costume designer).....she's got a lot to answer for. She's the reason why I wore this yellow belt today in what has to be one of the most Unflattering Outfits I've Worn in Years. 
A couple of  days ago, I made the mistake of watching a little uTube video of Patricia riffing on about her costume choices in the film, 'He's Not That In To You'. Don't bother looking at it because it's Not That Interesting.
Anyway, Patricia explained to us that she decked the star (some young filly with GG initials, maybe Gennifer Goodwin) out in  a black or black & red outfit but with entirely yellow accessories because yellow makes the Whole Look 'Pop'. 
I immediately wanted to 'Pop' too. 
So when I got up this morning, I reached for the yellow belt. The only trouble was, that in the particular elderly elasticised skirt & shirt I chose, I couldn't find my waist. It had Completely Disappeared.  By the time mid-morning  rolled around & I was getting down & dirty with the whiteboard, my waist had travelled up to just below my boobs, creating a kind of Empire Line look. The problem was  compounded by the fact that whilst my waist had moved upwards, my boobs, clad only in a worn-out sporting bra-like substance, had slid downwards. 
Memo to Self: Push Those Girls UP!

Back to Patricia Field.
 I hope that you remember that a couple of weeks ago, I had a Mini-Bileathon about Women Past a Certain Age having hair past their shoulders? I made a swag of insensitive comments condemning the practice, whilst also managing to brag about not having any grey hairs myself. It's always All About Me, isn't it?
Anyway, some generous readers listed a number of Older women who look great with long hair. Monica Belluci was one. Can't remember the rest. But I do remember that no one suggested Patricia Field. But I suppose that ol'Pat's in a Field of her Own, as not only does she have hair past her shoulder, it's Pink & it's got feathers & jewels in it.
Brava I Say!


mae said...

Brava indeed! although Patti's 'do may have stopped being officially classified as hair a long time ago.

see you there! said...

I couldn't concentrate on the hair because I was too stunned by the eyebrows (or lack of them?) I think she not only looks old (which is ok, some of us are) but dated which there is no excuse for.


Sheila said...

Your outfit doesn't look THAT bad - you definitely need to be wearing a better bra, missy.

Ms. Field is one weird looking lady. I prefer my eccentrics more like Betsey Johnson.