Thursday, February 5, 2009

Andy Warhol's Mother

It may interest you to know that I'm wearing a wig. A grey wig. I found it on a shelf in our staffroom & I just HAD to be photographed in it.
I'd like you to click on the image & enlarge it so you can see how I'm looking as if I'm about to run the Cake Stall at the Annual Church Fete.  Or maybe it's Andy Warhol as a middleagedwoman.
Truth be told (TBT), I'm really wearing the wig in the interests of Research. You see, in recent months, My Best Friend (MBF) decided she that she'd had a Gutload of constantly Policing Her Rapidly Expanding Crop of Grey Hairs & so stopped dying them. 
The result was that she became a Half-Grey Woman. Oddly enough, her husband Kenny was thrilled with the result as he saw her as an  Exciting & Edgy Maverick. She, on the other hand, wasn't so sure. 
Soon, her cast-iron result weakened & she once again reached for the Dye Pot. Kenny now sees her as an Unexciting Sell-Out.  
As I've told you numerous times, I don't have a single grey hair on my middleaged head. And my hair is still quite fair. All I have to do is spray it occasionally with 'Sun-In'.  It's my Crowning Achievement in Life. 
Perhaps soon I'll wake up one morning & find that I've turned White Overnight. Wouldn't that be exciting?
Anyway, I think grey looks fairly nondescript on fair, or should I say, mottled skin. My Other Friend, Rubber-Glove Jenny, who's a World Expert on Aging ,thinks that grey hair on my colouring makes one look Colourless or even worse, Sallow!
Quelle Horreur!
Maybe someone out there has some thoughts on the matter so I can complete my Research.

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The Writing Instinct said...

As someone who has been greying since the age of 18 (and, as a result, dripping with dye every 6 to 8 weeks since!) I am deeply envious of your beautiful colour-free locks! I have olive skin (and I don’t want to be grey at the age of 38...yes, really sulking now!), so when I get sick of colouring my curly/frizzy grey hair, images of Don King pop to mind! Yep, bring on those chemicals!