Saturday, February 14, 2009

I Do So Love the Notice That Only Wearing Creme Cuffs Can Bring

I want to focus on my Creme Cuffs.
Yesterday after school, I visited the Westfield Mall where I do my 'Body Balance' class , a Wicked Combination of yoga, tai chi & pilates. As I trawled around the shops before the class, I thought I noticed a number of middleagedwomen staring at the Cuffs. I was thrilled.
Then, when I was standing at the sinks in the change room of the gym, another middleagedwoman leaned over to me & said, 'What great bracelets. Are they Ivory?'
'No, they're Plastic. I bought them at 'Diva'.
She sniffed & walked off.
As usual, I'm not quite sure what the point of this story is. Or whether it Needs a Point.
But often, when women admire some item of jewellry that I'm wearing, they'll ask if it's 'Real'. You know, Real Gold, Real Chanel, Real Enormous Pearls.
I have a policy of saying that Everything is Faux. Or Plastic. Or Both.
And the women always walk away Slightly Disappointed.


Sarah Lulu said...

OMG how lovely find a woman after my own heart.

I am also a devotee of Diva ..

And when asked I actually tell people I'm aiming at faux ...faux everything ....

LOVE beads, baubles, bracelets....

Someone once asked my what kind of flower I was wearing in my hair and I said it's from the fabric tree.

I also have a fantastic red crocodile handbag hard to find very red crocs!

REAL is if you can kiss him and he comes back and/or you can touch him/her/it and it wasn't just a daydream.

Della Street Dreaming said...

Oh Great! Another Diva Devotee! I love the sound of the red croc bag too.

Sheila said...

It bothers me when people ask if a piece I'm wearing is real. I am always fascetious and answer, "Why, yes, this is a real ring/necklace/bag." Heh heh. As opposed to imaginary.

Ivory vs. question, I would wear plastic.

The Writing Instinct said...

Great post Sue! Love my Diva (especially when on sale!) as much as I love my 'real' jewellery!

My word verification is Jwahr which is very similar to Jow-har, the Arabic word for jewellery! Very wierd! Conspiracy theories anyone?!

Della Street Dreaming said...

Mervat - my daughter so enjoyed you making comments on her blog. Thank you!
I agree that's weird about the word verification.
And yes, another 'Diva' Devotee. It's v. hard to go past it I think!