Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Have Your Nasolabial Folds Formed Yet?

In yesterday's post, I mentioned the Italian actress, Monica Belucci. 
I have never seen her in a film or  bumped into her walking along the street for that matter. Not that that would ever happen.
So, I can't really say that I'm a Fan. But, someone said she was a Shining Exemplar of Long Hair over a Certain Age. And so I mentioned her.
Within a v. short time, I received a sharp email from My Best Friend Marge in Thousand Oaks. Her missive quivered with Righteous Indignation. Monica was born in 1968. She doesn't count because her Nasolabial folds haven't fully formed yet. 
According to World-Expert on Ageing Marge, these character-building lines don't really begin to kick in until after 45. And besides, she's Italian, which means that her skin doesn't get ravaged as much as us Anglo-Celtic people. 
But when I say 'Us', I'm not entirely sure I should say it because I have no real idea who my biological father was, except perhaps that he was a blond named Sam Nelson. Lately, I've been fantasising that  I'm Scandanavian. 
Oh, A Snow Queen! Hurrah!

Anyway, Monica Belucci doesn't count. So let's scrap her.


janavi said...

But she is over 30- I believe she is about 35, and that was the original criteria. But maybe she shouldn't count because she is so beautiful. She was great in a film called Malena!!

Della Street Dreaming said...

I agree Janavi. I must see that film.

Alicia said...

By all accounts, Monica Bellucci was born on 30 September 1964. This makes her 44. Certainly you can count her again?

Alan Abraham said...

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