Thursday, February 26, 2009

Della's Decorating

For a while, you may or may not recall that  I was regularly featuring photos of new decorating touches that I'd made to my apartment. I'd pretend that I was the chatelaine of a fabulously interesting Manhattan pied a terre who had graciously consented to allow her public a tiny peek into Her Private World.
Clearly, I was modelling myself on that Great Style Maven, Diana Vreeland who loved nothing more than to show off her New York Garden in Hell Living Room. 
You also may or may not recall that I would call these entries, 'Decorating & the Dumped Woman'. I thought that it was a great label.
But since I've now completely eschewed the title 'Dumped', I couldn't call it that anymore. 
I felt sad. I didn't want to post any more decorating pictures  if I couldn't call it that.

But over the past few days, I've grown up considerably. I've decided to let my feelings go & Move On.
So, here's some new pictures.

Here's my bed. It's wearing a gorgeous satin quilt that I bought for ten bucks at 'Bednobs & Broomsticks' thrift shop because it has a small, but slightly nasty cigarette hole in it. Luckily, I am fond of imperfections.
I'm showing off some of my necklaces. This morning, I had tipped them all out of their garages & on to the bed in a frenzy. I just didn't know which ones to wear & I was dangerously late for school.
 I ended up not wearing any of them.

This little Still Life, featuring Real Antlers given to me by my step-son, Tyler, an old china ornament & a whole mess of coral that I collected on a holiday to Magnetic Island, is a Homage to Charles Darwin, who has some important anniversary this year. I can't remember if we're celebrating his birth or death or the time he sailed on 'The Beagle'.
 I've placed a whole lot of free postcards which are a reproduction of the original first page of 'The Origin of the Species' at the back. 
I'm sure Charles would be thrilled to know he was being celebrated in this way.

Now we're back to The Bed.
Note the little tin Sacred Hearts from Mexico that I buy every time when I visit LA.
I hope they're not unlucky or anything.
And I just love my red Bed Armrest. I'm not sure what it's called. I again found it at 'Bednobs & Broomsticks' thrift shop which has to be My Lucky Store.

I've saved the best till last.
Here's my new Kitchen Tableau. I've had the statue of The Blessed Virgin for a couple of decades. Sadly, her hands are gone now. They were beautiful, detachable creatures which were broken possibly by a close family member when she was quite little. I've since forgiven her. 
If you look closely, you may notice a chocolate foil rabbit-like creature. It's The Easter Bilby, an Australian version of a rabbit. I found it in 'Big W' over the weekend & decided to celebrate Easter now even though we've just started Lent.


see you there! said...

It must be a whole lot of fun to visit your place. Your decor changes frequently and you have so many interesting objet d'art.


Della Street Dreaming said...

Thank you Darla!

Mervat said...

I love the lability in your decorating and the fact that it is entirely eclectic and it looks fantastic. I frequently re-decorate and, when family visit all I hear, with a roll of their eyes is: "Here she goes again!" instead of the long-awaited: "Looove what you've done with the place!". In fact, I feel an urge to write a post on this very topic.

BTW I just love the Darwin postcards...where did you find those?