Thursday, January 22, 2009

Lest We Forget

In keeping with my policy of 'Never Explain, Never Defend', I really wanted to  write this blog entry with little or no mention of my Long in  Blog Time Silence.  In fact, I'd planned to just bang on in my usual way as if Nothing Had Happened. 
But then as I sat looking at the computer screen, my palms began to sweat. That's never a good sign for me. Plus, I couldn't think of a breezy way to begin.
So here I am, armed  to the hilt with a Whole Wardrobe of Excuses.
1. Since monday, I've been away on a short beach holiday to a quaintly named Coastal Village called, believe it or not, Tea Gardens. The fabulously wonderful fibro cottage where I stayed with my Rubber-Glove wearing friend Jenny had absolutely no internet access. 
That's four days worth of excuses.
2. For the past three or so weeks, I've had More Heartache. For those of you who have been slightly following my Lovestory, I had been Daintily Dating Mr. Ex-Middleaged for the past couple of months, culminating in a Xmas Day picnic with my daughter which I thought was a success. Since then, he's disappeared. I'm not sure why or what happened, but I do know  it's Never Good to Speculate. 
It's much better to crank up 'Ol Della', who has Magical Therapeutic Powers way beyond 'those of Mortal Men'. That's a line from the TV show 'Superman', starring poor old George Reeves. As a child, I was totally addicted to it & can still recite the opening monologue of the show which I've always been quite proud of.  By the time that I was first watching  it, George had already suicided. My grandmother told me that He had begun to believe that he Really Was Superman & had flown out of a window & died. She said that George's death was a lesson in not getting too carried away with yourself. I just wondered whether he had his 'Superman' outfit on at the time.
Oh God, I'm Better Already! 
3. I'm having an art show of new collages & mixed media in a few months time (I mentioned this in my short film), so I should be spending every spare minute working on them. That's an absolutely Fantastic Excuse.
4. I've been on School Holidays for six weeks, away from the Tight Structure of the School Day & the constant presence of the computer. I'm going back next tuesday.

Can't believe that I've written a whole blog entry of excuses. How wondrous!


Sheila said...

I did wonder if you'd been hit by a bus or something, but figured you'd show up eventually. Welcome back!

janavi said...


Sorry about the "disappearance".They are very strange creatures. Just be happy u were never involved with Clapton. According to Pattie Boyd he is a real piece of work, and mean.

Della Street Dreaming said...

thank you Sheila! I must check up on what you've been doing.
Janavi - I must find out about what Pattie said about Eric. I've always been a slight fan of hers going back to her first appearance as a schoolgirl on a train in 'A Hard Day's Night'.

see you there! said...

I want to hear more about the art show. Never mind Mr Missing Middle Aged. (easy for me to say)