Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Always the Optimist

Once we arrived in Berkeley, I was desperate to find a thrift store to feed my Obsession. Things are going to be Soo Good when I can finally give everything up & become a Zen Master. And then I won't have to be constantly thrifting, or drinking coffee or photographing my outfits.
In the meantime, we finally found 'Buffalo Exchange' which was in the Tatts 'n Piercings part of town. I'm not sure if Old Buffalo actually qualifies as a genuine 'Thrift Shop' because it was kind of all spruced up & didn't quite have the feel that a shop that is selling a whole lot of Orphaned clothes usually has. Also, it was a bit pricey.
But perhaps I'm too much of a purist.
Here I am trying on a smart little dress with military style buttons & detailing. Sadly, I couldn't get the buttons up. Always the optimist.

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