Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Me & City Lights

Me & City Lights
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While we're on the topic of Outfits, I'm in top-to-toe 'Buffalo Exchange' Berkeley from the 50% Off Rack. Items that aren't sold within a month of going on display are sent there. I found myself being inextricably drawn to the 50% Off Rack. I hope it's not a Metaphor for My Life or Anything.
I can't understand why this perfectly nice tartan skirt & retro shirt made from the purest nylon didn't sell in an instant.
But maybe you can.
I'm standing outside the famous 'City Lights' Bookstore in SanFrancisco. It's the home of Beat Writers like I suppose Jack Kerouac. I can barely spell his name let alone understand any of his writing.
But the shop is kind of interesting.


see you there! said...

You're trip is reminding of so much. North Beach was THE place to be in the Beat Era. I spent many hrs in the basement of this shop where at that time they had chairs and tables and you could just read books if you couldn't afford to actually buy them


Della Street Dreaming said...

Darla - I thought you may have a recollection of this shop! It still I think has a fairly free policy of being able to just read & not buy.