Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Now We Are Old, We Need to Dress Up, Not Dress Down

Freshly back from our Epic Roadtrip where we absolutely did not act or feel anything like 'Thelma & Louise', we visited the giant Salvation Army Depot in Thousand Oaks.
This place must house the World's Largest Collection of Orphaned 'Sag Harbour' clothes, with a special emphasis on Heavily Shoulder-Padded Blazers.
Fortunately, we managed to steer clear of them in favour of more streamlined ensembles as Marge is convinced that the only way that I am going to be able to 'Move Forward' in my life is by wearing Figure-Hugging Garments. I agree.
Here she is modelling a Slightly Soiled but wearable Genuine Suede Jacket. I tried hard to convince her that jackets look wonderful on her & that now that we are Old, we need to Dress Up Not Down.
She may, or may not, take my advice.
But Goody, Goody, I got to take the Jacket home. It's going to be part of my new attempt at Embracing Frenchness. You know, like Jane Birkin or Catherine Deneuve.

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The Editor said...

I always wanted to embrace Jane Birkin, too.

Agree about dressing up when old (my autobiography could be titled Portrait of the slob as a young man.

Trouble is, the only clothes I really like seem to be for sale in Europe, not Australia, and NO-ONE seems willing to support me while I gallivant around the continent.