Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Toy Cannery Row

We keep driving. 
We arrive at Monterey. I know absolutely nothing about it except of course I've heard of the Jazz Festival. And then there's the song by Eric Burdon, 'Down in Monterey', which I suppose is about the Jazz Festival.
 So I didn't know what to expect. Which I'm sure is The Best Way to Be when travelling, or perhaps in Life generally. If someone said that Monterey was the Home of the World's Largest Stilton Cheese, it would have come as no surprise to me.

It was almost, but Not Quite a Surprise to me that it was on the coast. 
We drive along until we get to Cannery Row. I would rather call it Toy Cannery Row. Banners with quotes from the famous novel, 'Cannery Row' by John Steinbeck are hanging off every orifice just to remind us what this place is about & why it's famous, in case we've forgotten, or  didn't know in the first place, which I didn't. 
The rivers of Silverfish have dried up. But the buildings remain. We didn't bother to go in, but I'm sure if we did, they'd be a lot of lattes & perhaps tasteful beach accoutrements available to purchase.
Just outside of the 'rumbles  & groans & screams & rattles' I cleverly spy a 'Goodwill'.
But that's a whole other blog entry.

Then we take a quick look at Monterey Beach.
Here it is.

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darla said...

Cannery Row is kind of too Stage Effect isn't it? The Bay is beautiful tho.