Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Higher State of Being

Look closely at the cozy couple in the centre of the photo above. You may, or may not call at least one of them a Celebrity. 
It all depends on your definition which we won't go into right now.

If a Celebrity crosses my path, I go into High Alert, as if I've seen a lesser version of God &  desperately have to make contact on order to move up to a Higher State of Being. 
Yesterday, I had such an experience. I was lunching al fresco in Malibu with Marge, her teenage son Eddie & her brother David. We were eating Mexican which is all I eat when in California. 
Suddenly, I saw this couple coming towards us. I  went white, sat bolt upright, got v. serious & quietly exclaimed, 'OMG, there's Rachel Zoe. And her sidekick husband!!!'
Of course, no one knew who I was talking about.  Maybe Marge did. 
You probably don't know who she is either. So I'll tell you. Rachel's a Stylist to the Stars but I can't remember who she's styled. Anyone you can think of that's showed up to The Oscars looking like a Giant Stick Insect is bound to have been one of Rachel's clients. She's also got her v. own Reality TV show, The Rachel Zoe Project that I featured here last December.
Anyway, I was desperate to get a photo of  Me & Rachel. I know, it's really hypocritical considering what I just said about Stick Insects, but I'm Nothing if not Inconsistent, particularly where Celebrities are concerned.
As we helplessly watched Rach & Hubby drift out of sight, Marge suggested we follow them. But by the time I could get out of my seat, they were far ahead of us. 
So, we had to run.
Marge is miles taller than me & alot more robust. While she was athletically running along gripping my camera in true Paparrazzi style, I was pathetically limping behind.
'Just take a picture of them from behind. That'll be enough' I urged Marge.
'Nonsense. Do want to be a Complete Milquetoast for the rest of your life?' she inquired.
'Look, they're going into that shop. Let's follow them'.
I meekly followed, frantically mentally rehearsing how I was going to handle it when Rachel said 'NO'.
Inside the shop, Rachel & Handbag Hubby were gathered around The Bra Section. I lurked guiltily at the front door while Marge barged right over to them.

'Would you be offended if my friend had her photo taken with you?' Marge asked.
'Would you be offended with what I'm wearing right now?' Rachel humbly replied.
Maybe she didn't say those exact words. Neither of us can now remember. But something along those lines.

Whatever Rachel actually said, she was v. gracious, down to earth & cheerful. So was hubby, who seemed used to standing on the sideline out of the way. 
Hope I'm not sounding like I'm now trying to crawl up her arse, Heaven forbid.

I've spent ages staring at the photos. Sadly, I haven't been transported to another State of Being as a result. 
Maybe I should Aim Higher.


Sheila said...

How cool to have a Real Celebrity Encounter! And nice that she was gracious about it.

I love your Marilyn top and tonal skirt.

Mervat said...

I love that you are 'nothing if not inconsistent'...of course you were smiling brightly when in the photo with her, yet looking back the feeling may have been akin to cooking a souffle only to have it deflate...ffffthh.

Deflated souffle still tastes okay though.

rabespierre said...

there are many things i love abt this story and these pics, but maybe best is that you look at least ten years younger than la zoe!
i hope your california trip continues wonderfully!
xx hilary

ladyjanewriter said...

I actually love your personal style more. (And am neither sucking up or crawling up your ass.)