Sunday, July 19, 2009

I Only Eat Mexican in California

As I've mentioned, when in California , I make a point of eating Mexican as much as I can as I never usually eat it. For good reason. Sydney is not known for it's Mexican Cuisine.
Here I am at 'La Salsa' at The Promenade at Thousand Oaks. I was starving & they forgot my order. So I was forced to shovel in all the little side bits.
Please note my Homemade in California necklace. I bought some jewel making stuff with me just in case I had a Spare Moment. Strangely, I had a number of them. So I strung together some white beads that I just bought at the Bottomless Pitt, 'Forever 21' for about three bucks & a little Japanese Noh Mask or whatever it is that I bought a year ago at Narita Airport in Japan.

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see you there! said...

Mexican food is a favorite here by the Bay.

That necklace is great!