Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Disobedient Buttons

Now of course I'm sulking.
I've been back at home for ten days & it feels like I've never left.
Haven't you heard that comment a million times from people when they return from a trip? It's almost like it's Mandatory.
'Yes, I've just come back from.......... I had a Great Time & now it feels like I've Never Left.'
Just hand me the script.
But what do I always do when confronting a Small or Large Existential Crisis?
I put on some clothes, preferably ones that I've never worn before & take a photo. It always cheers me up.
Yay to my Inner Narcissus!
This so-called Pure Wool Made in New Zealand coatdress was having it's Maiden Outing. I've had it for some time, but was delaying wearing it because it presented a Wearing Challenge, as opposed to a Wardrobe Challenge, which is deciding to wear the same tired old skirt three times in a designated time period in three different ways.
The Wearing Challenge involved Disobedient Buttons. You know, Buttons that absolutely will Not stay Buttoned Up regardless of how firmly you treat them. A bit like My Mouth, really.
Anyway, I spent much of the day hurriedly buttoning up the coatdress. It gave me something really concrete to focus My Incandescent Rage on. The large pearls acted as a Welcome Distractant, if there's such a word. And I don't care if it isn't a word. Now it is.
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see you there! said...

Cute coat dress. Naughty buttons!


Radostin said...

you look great. maybe sew the buttonholes a little smaller before the next wearing (I usually do such things on my way out the door...)?

Elaine said...

Great outfit!!! The necklaces make the outfit look Chanel-esque! Love it!