Monday, August 17, 2009

Screaming Binary Opposites.

Hello there.
Darla, noted that I am wearing a lot of subdued colours lately. She sincerely hoped that this wasn't a reflection of a lingering Sour Mood which I lightly touched on last week.
Maybe she's right.
I've certainly been wearing a lot of Black & White lately. In fact, just about every day last week I was a Screaming Binary Opposite.
I wonder what that says?
I shudder to think.

Black & white has long been considered a v. smart & chic pairing. Look at the Old Dame in the picture above.
No, not Me, but the other one. Her name is Sheila Scotter. For many decades, Sheila was the Queen Of Australian 'Vogue', a kind of cross between Diana Vreeland & Anna Wintour with a touch of Old School Dowager thrown in.
I was never interested One Slice in Sheila. She seemed far too Strict & Serious for me. And besides, she only ever wore Black & White. It was her signature style.
I had totally forgotten about Sheila. And so had everyone else apparently. But she hadn't forgotten about herself & has doggedly continued to wear Black & white in spite of it all. Now of course, she's being Wheeled Out to be in some Fashion Campaign.
Don't think for a moment that I'm Copying Sheila just because I put myself next to her & I'm wearing Black & White.
OH, BTW, I've never been fond of that Grande Old Dame of a Magazine Cliche, 'Timeless Elegance', which is how Sheila & an army of other tasteful women have been described over & over by the World's Mags.
I've got much much more to say about this but I won't say it now because I'm getting Far Too Wound Up & it's almost bedtime & I won't be able to sleep.
I'll move on to my next pairing. I just love how I'm ever-so-slightly echoing or perhaps 'channelling' if I was a New Ager, another of Fashion's Grande Dames, Anna Piaggi. I stole this photo from The Sartorialist. Anna, yet another 'Vogue' person, has been looking like this for maybe her whole life. Perhaps her mother put little hats on her head like the one she's wearing from the time she was able to keep her head up by herself. I've never seen a photo of Anna without a similar hat. Usually, they are much smaller, but the same shape. Like a Toy Hat or a Doll's Hat.
I'm sure both Grand Dames would be horrified to see this blog post. Or maybe just slightly irritated. Or perhaps thay wouldn't give a Rat's Arse which is certainly going to be My Attitude towards everything when I'm that old.
Bring it On.


see you there! said...

Sheila Scotter looks a little boring but she probably doesn't frighten her grandchildren.

Anna Piaggi on the otherhand? I like her clothes but everything abover her shoulders? Frightening! What is eccentric on a 40 year old looks like a bag lady or a clown on someone over 70.

All she needs is a pair of those awful oversized round glasses featured on all the old ladies these days.

I do like both your outfits in this post tho.

Darla - trying to dress age appropriate, LOL!

Ann oDyne said...

oh hi - I like it here ... Miss Della Street indeed.

If 'timeless elegance' is so damn good then why doesn't Australia VOGUE feature a lot more of it?
see this blogger, a Brisbane woman whose recent post dissects the cate blanchett issue of AusVogue.

Anna Piaggi has died, Scotter has no children. I would love to read an unabridged biography of her though.