Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Migraineur

I'm sure I've never told you that I'm a Migraineur. Sounds rather exotic. Or interesting.

Something that One may have strived hard to finally achieve.

'Yes, I've been studying for years & I passed all the exams with flying colours. Now I can finally call myself a Migraineur'.

If only.

My migraines have receded over the past couple of years. I was starting to get Cocky.

Which is always a mistake.

But yesterday I was struck down from on high. Honestly, it was like something out of the Old Testament. You know, like Lot's Wife who was unexpectedly turned into a Pillar of Salt just because she turned around or something.

I won't turn your stomach by describing the attack. But look at how I look in the photo above, & it will give you some idea of how I felt.
Now I'm feeling much better.
My daughter, Billie-Mae has come up from Canberra to be with me. We've just come back from having a hearty dinner at 'Zinc' & she's watching the film, 'Enchanted'. Actually I'm getting sucked in too. Edward, the Dumb Prince has just told his mother, The Evil Susan Sarandon Queen, 'Silence, you murderous old hag!' But she doesn't take any notice of him & turns into a nasty blue dragon. I wish to hell that I could do that.
But then she explodes.


Sheila said...

You look gorgeous in that photo! I hope you are feeling better soon, Sue!

see you there! said...

Hope you are over the migrane and on to better things (like finding a package in the mail maybe).


Della Street Dreaming said...

Darla - I just got it yesterday!
Thank you so much. You have no idea how great it made me feel that you would go to so much trouble. And I absolutely love the zebra. And the card. I had seen the card before on your blog & admired it. It will go up on my kitchen wall with other cards that I treasure.