Monday, August 17, 2009

Gratitude - A Fairly New Concept

I've only Fairly Recently discovered Gratitude.
Not that I haven't spent my life saying 'thank you' in all the Usual Ways.
But up until now I've never really thought about it. In fact, I've realised how feeling grateful doesn't come that easily. I've just taken everything for granted. And when stuff doesn't happen or is taken away from me, I feel Ripped Off.
'It's Sooooo unfair', I moan quietly to myself. Sometimes I might even scream it.
So, for nearly a year now, I've had a Gratitude Book. I even wrote a blog entry about it. Every day or so or whenever I feel like it, I write five things that I am grateful about.
I notice that I'm rarely grateful about The Blue Sky. Or the fact that I'm still Breathing. What I'm usually grateful for are Unexpected Gifts or Large or Small Compliments. Or perhaps a Return Phone Call from my Beautiful Princess Daughter, Billie-Mae.

So, here's some things that I've been grateful about for the past week or so.

1. William Shakespeare Action Figure with Detachable Quill, & Book on Household Nuclear Attack from the V&A Museum in London. See Above. My great friend, Trixie Drew gave me these gifts & a whole lot of other stuff from her recent trip to England.

2. Libina, my colleague who sits next to me & her stupid Faux Authentic Australian Cork Bush Hat designed to keep away flies. She is wearing it as part of the school's new Sunsafe Policy - No Hat, No Sunshine or Whatever.
Thank God I'm sitting next to her.

3. Mitch & my local thrift shop, 'Bednobs & Broomsticks'.

4. Sydney Grafitti & my great friend, Maud Bright Star who finds it for me.

5. My cute student Bethany, who brought this French Kiddie Book into my English Class & let me photograph it.

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