Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Big Ballys

This morning, as I was trotting down the hill towards School, I noticed a window display in the Upscale Shoe Shop that I never frequent. Let's say this shop is called, 'Snotty Shoes'.
I walk past this shop at least twice a day, but make a point of never looking inside it, much less Going inside it when it is open. I have this ridiculous idea that I don't want to give the BeautifullyBuffed & Polished Male Owners the satisfaction of thinking that I may be salivating after their shoes. Not me. I have my own Secret Stash of Designer Shoes, thank you.
But, when the shop is shut, it's a Different Story.
This morning, I inwardly gushed when I came across the window display. But not sadly, at the rather twee candy toy ballet flats.
No, I was gushing over the Sign.
Pourquoi, you might ask.
1. I am always looking for Signs.
2. I am always excited by the colour Pink, even though it usually is a bit twee.
3. I am always excited by Bette Midler as I like to think that I am a tiny bit like her, which I'm not, but still would like to think so.

Which kind of, but not really, leads me into Today's Topic - The Big Ballys.
Occasionally, 'Bednobs & Broomsticks' has a pair going & I often manage to snaffle them up.
OK, I've got exactly one & a half 'Bally's' - one perfectly decent pair, & one almost unwearable pair.
Anyway, last week I found another pair hiding in the back recesses of 'Bednobs'. Here they are in the photo, below.
The only problem is that they were at least two sizes too big, but I didn't care. I couldn't wait to get them home & begin experimenting with scrunched up tissue paper & insoles.
It took ages. I just couldn't get it right. But after an hour or so & almost a whole tissue box later, I thought I had Mastered the Ballys.
I trudged the 300 metres up the road to the gym in them. It was torture. I just couldn't keep them on.
Undeterred, I went home & spent the evening experimenting some more. These Ballys were going to Stay On, whether they liked it or not.

The next day, I wore them to school. They lasted about Half a Morning.
Then I gave up.
I've now selflessly handed them over to the care of my fellow thrift shopped & 'Bednobs' lover, Mads.
I hope She manages to keep them on.


Anonymous said...

Even though you had to give up on the Bally shoes, I must advise you that they DO NOT make you look slightly slutty at all and thus you are better off without them.

Also, I have a snotty shoes in my town too and I have exactly the same reaction to the store whenever I pass it. I couldn't put my finger on it until I read your post so thank you for naming that for me.

Finally, I once had dinner with Bette Midler sitting at the next table. It was at Sarabeth's in NYC. I'm not saying this to brag or make you jealous. Well... maybe to make you a little jealous. She's fab.

Della Street Dreaming said...

Oh, thank you Zizzi for you comments! I love that you sat next to Bette at dinner. I would have loved it myself!

rozetta said...

Big shoes. That explains why your feet look unusually big in the pic.

from CA, USA