Friday, August 14, 2009

Auntie Gladys, The Toy Rock Chick

I've been feeling Quite Sour.
I'm sure many people feel like this alot of the time. In fact, many people may feel that it is their Birthright to be Permanently Sour.
I'm not one of those people. I hate going around spraying my sourness everywhere & then afterwards feeling like an old squeezed-up lemon inside. Yuk.
So, I was absolutely thrilled to receive a Sparkling Gift this week from Catherine, a colleague. It went a long way to at least, Mask my Sourness.
I'm wearing the gift in the photos. It's the Sparking Cardi.
Catherine's friend bought it at a vintage clothing shop. Or perhaps an 'Op Shop', which is what we still call it in Australia.
She was instantly dazzled by the cardi's beauty, and perhaps imagined herself looking like a Real, not Toy Rock Chick, which is all the rage at present. Nowadays, it is important to look Authentic.
But I'm not really sure what is, in fact Rock Chick Authentic. Are you supposed to look like a Groupie, which is something that I tried & failed to do in the late seventies?
Or, are you supposed to look like you actually are a Rock Chick, like Suzi Quattro or Pat Benatar or The Bangles or Patti Smith or Joan Jett or Annie Lennox?
Is there any difference? Or am I just Splitting Hairs as usual?

But back to the Sparkling Cardi.
Anyway, when Catherine's friend got it home, she took another look at herself in the mirror. Instead of seeing an Authentic Rock Chick, she saw her slightly dotty Old Great Aunty Gladys. She recoiled in horror.

But Catherine knew exactly who it would suit.

Me. Auntie Gladys, The Toy Rock Chick.

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see you there! said...

Rock on!

I've noticed that your last few outfits have been very black/white or subdued. I hope this isn't an indication of Sour as I wear a lot of black and white.


PS - by work verification is DIALHOTI... sound like something that should be written on a bathroom wall!

see you there! said...

That would be WORD verication. I'll go look for my glasses now.