Friday, August 21, 2009

Drain Story

This is a True Story.
For months I've been v. bothered by the Kitchen Drain. Actually, it's two drains.
I have two sinks that sit cozily next to each other. They are Not Twins, as one is smaller than the other. Perhaps the smaller sink is the runt of the litter.
One day, the drain in the Larger Sink decided to clog. I was slightly Puzzled & Perplexed by this, as it had never behaved like this before even though I'd spent years carelessly letting any stray leaf or food scrap go down it.
I showed no respect for the Drain. I had more important things to do.
As the weeks sailed by, the Clogged Drain got worse. Sometimes, it would take up to fifteen minutes for the water to go down. I became Annoyed with the Drain.

Soon it was Time to Take Action.
I marched down to the Supermarket to scan the shelves for a packet of Powerful 'Drano', a product from my childhood that I'd always been itching to use.
But after carefully reading the package, I chickened out. 'Drano' was far too Powerful. I settled for the Herbal Biodegradable Brand.
What a Mistake.
The Drain obviously didn't like Alternative Lifestyle Choices & decided to clog up even more.
By this time, it was taking up to a half hour for the water to go down.

Relax, I said to myself. You have more important fish to fry.
And besides, you're going away to America for a couple of weeks. By the time you get back, the Drain may have Recovered all by Itself.

When I returned, Nothing Had Changed. Still Clogged to the Eyeballs.
I went back down to the Supermarket. This time I bought an Old Fashioned Plunger. I took it home & began furiously plunging. I got soaked.
As a result, No Water at all went down the sink. Not one drop. In desperation, I siphoned it into a bucket & poured it down the toilet.
I now felt like I had a Well instead of a Sink.

If anyone at all is Still Reading this, you may be wondering why I didn't just give up & call a Plumber. I took it as a Personal challenge to solve the Riddle of the Clogged Drain myself.

Despair set in. Nothing I could do seemed to make a difference. In fact, it seemed that everything I'd done so far to unclog the drain made it Far Worse.
Just when I was about to give in & call the plumber, I decided to give the Plunger just one more go.
Suddenly, there was a quick gurgle & the water easily & effortlessly drained away.
I fixed it!

What is Slightly Strange, is that something v. similar has happened to me on a personal level. Only I can't really reveal it yet. But I will.
For the past year since Mr. Ex-Middleaged left, I have been a Blocked Drain.
I have done all sorts of things & have tried all sorts of Implements to become Unblocked. But I only got worse.
But then I did something uncharacteristically Powerful & Grown Up & suddenly, I'm No longer Blocked.
In case you think that it's something to do with Sex, think again. If I did, I would never mention it on the blog because my daughter reads this & I loathe Boundary Issues.


Anna said...

sue, love this metaphor and if that's what it is, of course i relate. have left my phone at work in my haste to get away this afternoon, but might buzz your number on late sunday morn and maybe we can take photos ... if you are not available no worries, we can catch up some other time.

Della Street Dreaming said...

Anna - that would be great. I have 70 Othello scripts that I have to mark by Monday morning so I could use a little distraction. Maybe on late sunday arvo as I have to have lunch with a 96 year old.
love S

The Writing Instinct said...

Oh to get that unclogged feeling! You create a wonderful metaphor.

see you there! said...

Ok, lets have the second half. What has unclogged in you life and how did it come about?


Della Street Dreaming said...

thanks for asking, Darla. But the truth is, I can't really say at the moment. When the time is right though, I certainly will tell you.

The Editor said...

Bloke's tip: Caustic Soda works a treat on blocked drains and costs less than Dräno. It won't do much for your personal life, though.

Got your link from Jane at the Op-shop. Funny blog!


Anonymous said...

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