Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Work With Wit Not Witchcraft

Activity No. 3: Business As Usual.
You can hardly call what I'm doing above, An Activity. It's more like a job. Or a Life Choice. Or perhaps a Vocation. OMG I'm starting to sound like one of the Saintly Nuns that taught me. When we were in our final year of School, the Brigidine Sisters began asking in slightly hushed & reverential tones who amongst us has 'A Vocation'. Fingers Pointed & Heads immediately turned towards the Perpetual Class Goody Goody, Shirley Snoggrass. Ever since we were in Kindergarten, Shirley had been shamelessly sucking up to the Nuns at every opportunity. In Grade 6, every time Sister Stigmata went out of the room & someone did something supposedly naughty, Shirley would say, 'You're not Es-posed to do that'. And she kept on saying it for the next six years, never quite getting the hang of 'Supposed'. And then she'd write the wrongdoers name on the blackboard.
Sadly, Shirley never 'Entered', which was the popular term for 'becoming a Nun' back then. In fact, no one to my knowledge ever 'Entered' again.
Nuns were Over.
I was the last person who would have become a Nun. But maybe it wouldn't have been such a bad choice. At least it would have saved me from Being Dumped.
OMG. Did I use that word? Quelle horreur!!!
What I meant to say was - have a look at my outfit. It's a Real, not fake Vintage Oscar de la Renta dress from the sixties maybe. It has a lovely bejewelled collar which is now looking slightly scraggy & seems to accentuate my frilled neck. But we won't go there either. Oh dear, there's sooo many 'No Go' areas. Soon, I won't have anywhere left 'to go'.
I just love Iago's words that I've written on the board - 'Work With Wit Not Witchcraft'. That's My Motto. Posted by Picasa

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rabespierre said...

this is such a beautiful outfit! it makes me happy to see you at the whiteboard again, even though it means holidays are over. plus endorsing iago!