Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Eternal Skipper

Bonjour, Della Nation!
You may be wondering why I'm Suddenly Speaking French. Or, as I prefer to call it, Franglais.
Of course its because I've been sitting here, laptop on my knee, huddled next to a v. humble two bar radiator watching a v. slobbering interview with the actor Charlotte Rampling in Paris.
I've always held a Distant Admiration for Charlotte. But the truth is, she's never warmed the Cockles of my Heart. She looked too much like a Well-Bred Racehorse for my liking, although I am exceedingly fond of horses & aspire to one day own my own Miniature Companion Horse.

Charlotte is sitting in some Paris Park, maybe The Tuileries, although what the hell would I know, I haven't been to Paris since 1974.
For the first few minutes of the interview I sat there wondering if Charlotte had had any work done, a topic never far from my mind these days. But then she said something that caught my attention .
She said that she had never really gone after things in life. Things had just gone after her.
Well, isn't she the Lucky One, I sneerily thought.
Things might have gone after me too if I looked more like a Racehorse.

But then she said ,'I always considered that there was a state of being - a freedom of spirit within yourself....and I felt if I could cultivate that, & not impose things on anybody & not demand things ...& if I could learn to be in that state of being, that things would happen. And they did.'

I love it when people talk about Inner States of Being & Freedom & Getting Everything You Secretly Want By Not Acting Needy.
And aren't you marvelling at how I managed to type what she said verbatim?

Anyway, I'd like to go to Paris.
That's why I'm collecting miniature Eiffel Towers & wearing an Eiffel Tower ring & an Eiffel Tower badge. It's in the hope that My Energy will finally connect with the Energy of Paris & I'll magically find myself there v. soon, perhaps after I visit an Ashram in India, which is where I now sound like I'm coming from.

Today I was being a Badbag & an Eternal Skipper at Boot Camp instead of being in Paris. Can you tell that I am skipping in the first photo? I must have been turning the rope at an enormous speed because you can't see it.
I am a dreadful skipper. I was tooo frightened to jump. I was lamely hopping instead. My feet kept on being caught. I had no traction. Or whatever you would say in Skipping Parlance.
Finally, I overcame my fear of jumping & jumped. You'd think I was about to jump off a cliff. What an amazing sense of achievement when I successfully skipped fifteen times.

Cascading Teardrops.
Here's me yesterday, again Not in Paris, but in the Staffroom. I wonder what Parisian Staffrooms in high schools are like? Would they all be endlessly chain smoking, I wonder? Or is that another Sad Example of my Cultural Stereotyping?
Please note my two necklaces that I bought for five bucks each earlier this year at the 'Diva' sale. I like to think of them as Cascading Teardrops.
Ooo, I've just thought of that wonderful Victim Song, 'The Tracks of My Tears'. Sooo apt. So me.

My Little Bit for Brown.
I've said it before & I'll say it again, Brown is the Poor Relation of the Colour Spectrum, although I don't think it features in Rainbows. Brown has never recovered from the Seventies when it was the Colour de Jour in people's houses.
Anyway, here I am in Top to Toe Brown & loving it. I'm wearing one of my newly made necklaces which I've aptly named 'The Tool Box' for reasons that are obvious.

I am now in v. grave danger of violating my Official Bedtime.
So its off to bed. You may be relieved to know that I don't wear sockettes to Bed. I wear Bedsocks. Soo toasty.


Rebecca said...

Oh, I've not fallen off the Comment Trail! I just never know where to begin with You.

I really wish you'd publish a book. I would be your Public Relations point-person.

Girl, Charlotte has NOTHING on you. You are already IN Paris -- You just don't know it. Paris is just a State of Mind, after all.

Although in my third day of dizziness, I'm inspired to get up and try to skip rope at least 15 times myself.

see you there! said...

I love the Cascading Teardrops and and think the name has great potential as a title for a Country Western song.


Anonymous said...

Man... as soon as I read that Charlotte Rampling quote "things have always gone after me..." I knew you were going to unpack on her and you did so exquisitely.
I agree with Rebecca... there's a book in you. Or a one woman show.
I hope you get to Paris soon. You must work on that.


Gianni said...

Glad you seem to be feeling better. Also loved the Rampling bit.
Really loved the necklaces too, the ones from Diva & the one you made.

Maybe you should shoot a little video for Youtube.


Anonymous said...

your artical is so funny!! it make me so happy!! .............................................