Monday, May 3, 2010

Perhaps An Ectoplasm

Its just soo Destination Bedtime now. But I just had to show you this photo taken just moments before my guests arrived last evening for our weekly 'Mad Men' dinner.

1. I am wearing a sequinned singlet top with An Unfortunate Hankerchief Hem skirt that I persist in wearing, masses of black beads & some v. cheap rhinestones & my brand new twelve dollar silver ballet slippers with brand new black sockettes from 'Target' where the clothes are awful but where the Shoes & Sox Shine.
AJ, who never holds back, remarked that in this Sparkling Outfit, I could sashay twenty metres up the road where Sydney's Red Light District is conveniently located & make a few extra bucks.

2. Note what appears to be An Ectoplasm on the left of the photo. I showed it to my guests once they arrived. No one could come up with an Plausible Explanation.
I do so love a Mystery.


ReaderRita said...

A blowing curtain? The ghost of Christmas past?

see you there! said...

You are the Queen of the Sockette. I could never pull the look off like you do.


Heidi said...

Great outfit! I love both your style and your blog!