Monday, May 3, 2010

A Lousy Skipper Always Blames Her Rope

Welcome Interneters!
Its monday nite & I've spent far far too much time this evening watching TV.
I've just sat for a good ten minutes marvelling at the Deep Timbre of Tim Gunn's voice, the host of 'Project Runway'. I'm sure if I continued to focus for long enough, I would have become An Enlightened Being.

Now its teetering dangerously close to Destination Bedtime, so I must speedily type in Stream of Consciousness. Or perhaps in Dot Points. Or Both.
Just imagine Virginia Woolf's, 'Mrs Dalloway' written in dot points.
Would it make it a more Satisfying Reading Experience, I wonder?
As I'm fond of saying In Real Life, Cut To the Chase, Middleagedteacher.

Behold me as a Failed Skipper at last week's Boot Camp Experience.

I absolutely couldn't skip.
I blamed the rope. It just didn't have any spring in it.
But then a Lousy Skipper always Blames Her Rope.
I wonder if Mrs Dalloway skipped?
Perhaps Virginia herself should have skipped which may have stopped her from filling her deep coat pockets with the stones.
And then she may not have drowned.

I know that I could skip to some extent at perhaps ten, maybe even older.
At school, we used to have these Enormously Nerve-Wracking Skipping Extravaganzas at lunchtime where two Failed Skippers turned a vast rope & everyone in the entire class lined up to skip into it, if that's the correct Skipping Terminology.
Honestly, when it was my turn, I felt like I was about to face a Firing Squad.
Its good to look back & reflect & know that you've always had everything in perspective, isn't it?

Here's two Fellow Boot Campers - Madge & Nads. They are much taller than me. And years younger. I run around behind them panting & grunting like a Little Elderly Knome. I use Foul Language when I box. They don't mind. I'm grateful.
I'd love a Reality Series to be made about us - 'The Real Boot Campers of Boot Camp' perhaps.

Lastly, this is a v. flattering pose. I do recommend it.
But after four weeks of Boot Camp I do think that my Front Area has improved.

Lastly lastly, I did really appreciate the comments/suggestions from Readers about my blog name. Thank you. I think I'll keep Della Street going for a while longer.

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Rebecca said...

If Laughter is the Best Medicine, I should be in Optimum Health Mode (thanks to you)!

I'm not sure why your last 3 posts haven't announced themselves to me in the Ordinary Manner, but here I am in the Impossible Position of trying to Take all the Medicine in One Gulp!

I now move to what I think is the Last Unread Post to see what all this Chatter about Name Change is!