Monday, May 31, 2010

Bursting Out of My Bubble of Smugness

Howdy Internettlers!

Its Monday nite in Sydney. Its cold & rainy. And I can't wait to hop into bed with my 'Hot Date' Hot Water Bottle & shut my eyes expectantly. But before I do so, I must fire up The Blog Machine & Let Her Rip!
I'm perhaps sounding a little like a Cowgirl which is exactly what I wanted to be when I was v. small because I watched 'Annie Oakley' on TV. It was a half hour series in black & white. But then again, everything was black & white back then because we only had a black & white TV & so did the rest of Australia.
Anyway, I loved Annie because she wore interesting fringe-infested skirts & vests, rode a horse backwards & had Blonde Plaits just like me. I did think however, that she had rather a Hard Face.

Now Watch for My Amazing Segue.
Of course I'm kind of watching TV as I type.
It acts like a Typing Laxative.
Talking of Hard Faces, I've been watching The 'E' Channel's Relentless Homage to Itself featuring Joan Rivers & her sidekick daughter, Melissa. They've been single-handedly taking credit for the Huge Importance of the Red Carpet in Popular Culture. I mean, where would we be without it?
I didn't realise that the 'E' Channel was responsible for such incredible innovations as The Glam Cam 360 which is this large spinning disc that celebrities pose on & you can see them from all angles. How amazing.
I'd love one of them in my Classroom.

Did you spot not just One Segue, but Two?
Just in case you missed them:
1. Hard-Faced Annie Oakley into Hard-Faced Joan Rivers.
1(A) Glam Cam 360 into Classroom Glam Cam 360.

A Conversation between Joan Rivers & Middleagedteacher as she enters her classroom:
Joan: Who are you wearing?
MAT: Well, Joan, I'm wearing Muppet & a Pink Flamingo.
I now can't think what Joan would say back. But yes, that's what I wore today. If you look v.v. closely you can just make out the flamingo sitting on the pink muppet stole. It was such a Kinesthetic Experience. Every student seemed to want to pat them as I walked by.

I must immediately get out of my Bubble of Smugness before it Explodes.

Here's Friday's Outfit. Let me v. briefly walk you through it.
The dress could be seen in a number of ways:
1. A Brave Choice;
2. An Interesting Choice;
3. An Unfortunate Choice.
If I had one of those little Blog 'O Meters, you could perhaps vote what you think about it, which incidentally is vintage 'Spinelli', a probably now forgotten Italian Designer Label specialising in Knitwear that was v.v. chic when I was a child. One of my friend's mothers wore Spinelli Suits to school functions which showed all the Other Mothers up.
Anyway, the dress which is Pure Eighties has enormous shoulder pads which I bravely chose to keep in & a Big Rust Stain right at the front which I bravely decided to have cut out.

Is There a Twelve Step Programme for an Addiction to a Lame TV Show?
I've just got one little bit of Oversharing to do before I get into bed with my 'Hot Date' HWB.
I have become addicted to a TV show. Perhaps you have heard of it.
It's an English One. 'Doc Martin' starring Martin Clunes, an actor with large flapping ears like Prince Charles or an Elephant. Its set in some picturesque seaside Cornish town with amazing views of the Freezing Cold English Uninhabitable Ocean.
Big Flapping-Eared Martin plays the local doctor with absolutely no social skills but lots of knowledge. I think we're supposed to think Asbergers Sydrome. Everyone in the village is hugely eccentric & are constantly getting sick with nasty rare illnesses that the doc diagnoses in a twinkling & then cures immediately by shoving a load of anti-biotics in their faces. He falls in love with the gorgeous teacher at the school & they have an unlikely courtship.
Like all addictions, it started slowly. At first I could only watch it for 10-15 minutes at a time. But then I gradually built up to watching the Whole Show. And then I started looking forward to it. And then I started to build my saturday nite around it. And now I can't live without it.
Apparently, I'm not alone in My Addiction. My stepson, Tyler who sadly is addicted to 'Brothers & Sisters' starring Sally Field who I absolutely can't watch because I loved her as 'Gidget' & I can't stand to see her Not as Gidget, said that his addiction started the same way.
First, he only casually flirted with it. And then it grew. And we all know the rest.
I'm glad I'm not alone.


Rebecca said...

Honestly, I think BOTH of these outfits are REALLY wonderful. I think Joan would have been stunned at the sight of you and would have - for once - been speechless!

I really like the yellow. But I AM curious! How did you "cut out" the rust spot????

Please practice carefully before riding horses backward, OK?

see you there! said...

So glad someone else watches Doc Martin. I have a love hate relationship with the show. It drives me crazy but I can't stop watching it. I don't watch much tv and it seems when I do I want to watch strange shows.

Paola said...

Yes, I'm a bit of a Doc Martin tragic too, mainly because I've visited Port Isaac in Cornwall where it is filmed. It's as gorgeous as it looks. I watch it and wail "I wanna go back there!" at intervals. Also, I'm a primary school teacher and I want to have that view from my classroom...

Della Street Dreaming said...

thank you Rebecca!
Re the Rust Stain. Luckily, the stain was at the bottom of the dress which was really too long for me anyway, so I had it shortened. I don't think that there's a remedy for rust.
Paola & Darla- I'm soo glad that others also watch this show. Although, I did mention it at school yesterday & a couple of v. unlikely people admitted they also watch it. And Paola - thanks for giving 'Portwenn' its real name. I am now desperate to go there
cheers Sue

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