Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Almost Being Eaten by The Rolling Stones

'He-llo Gorgeous.'
The above sentence (perhaps not a Real Sentence. Where's the Verb? Maybe 'He-lo' is a verb? But its not doing anything) is the opening line of what movie? Hint: it was a fairly lousy sequel with a MajorMajor Star in it.
Right at the v. end of this post I will tell you.
And you will also find out at the end what I'm Absolutely Desperate to Do as soon as I finish typing.
So hurry up & Read Fast.

But before we finish before we've even started, let me explain why I'm almost being eaten by The Rolling Stones.
Over the past week I've been watching two films on them. I recorded them so I could watch little chunks at a time which was by far the Most Sensible Option.
First I watched a v. recent film that I think debuted at Cannes a couple of weeks ago. It was called 'Stones in Exile', about the making of 'Exile on Main St'.
Then I re-watched Martin Scorscese's 'Shine a Light'.
I won't bother walking you through each film. Or giving you my opinion.
I'm sure you can imagine what happens in both of them.
Yes, that's right. Alot of singing. Alot of smoking. Alot of Smirking Smugness.

But perhaps you can't imagine what my opinion would be.
The answer is: I have decided to dress like Mick Jagger.
I know it will be hard because I don't wear pants except leggings or half-mast harem pants bought from the Girlswear Section of 'Best & Less'.
But I'm going to try.
And I'm also going to try to walk like him. From now on, I'm not going to trot down the hill to school like an Elderly Dorothy from 'The Wizard of Oz'. I'm going to Strut.
I hope I remember to do this tomorrow morning.

Pearl & Diamante Sweatband: Where Sport Meets Bling.
Gosh, I wish I could have thought of an 'S' word that means Bling.
If you can think of one, please let me know & I'll change this Heading.
Anyway, I'm thrilled with this Arm Candy Innovation - combining a sweatband & elasticised pearl etc bracelets. Pure Keith Richards. Certainly not Mick. Or Charlie for that matter. They would interfere with his drumming.

Would The Rolling Stones Wear This if They Were Cross Dressing Middleagedteachers?
What a silly question.
Don't bother to answer it. Although I'm now wondering which member of The Stones would look best in it. That's a tough one.
I'm v. keen on my newly-thrifted from 'BednobsEtc' Toy Chanel Jacket. I hope you can see that it has pink running through it.

And here we are at The End.
1. Here's what I'm going to do now. Or at least I was going to do now, but thanks to You, dear Reader, its Too Too Late. I must instead hop into bed with my 'Hot Date' Hot Water Bottle. But before I do, let me extol the virtues of Epsom Salts. I'm sure they do something. I'm hoping that they suck all the pain out of my aching muscles which I'm definitely going to have tomorrow evening after a session of Boot Camp Hell. Note that I have got a fancy variety with Lavender Oil in it. Such an innovation!
I'm certainly getting into some Old Fashioned Stuff. First, hot water bottles, now epsom salts.
Where can I go from here, I wonder?
2. The answer to the film question: Barbra Streisand said those words to her reflection in a backstage mirror in 'Funny Lady'.


Radostin said...

'Where sport meets sparkle", maybe?
btw, i LOVE your yellow dress from the previous post, it's truly wonderful. And your scarf disguises the shoulderpads nicely, too.

ReaderRita said...

I think that you most certainly can successfully dress like Mick Jagger (Sir) whilst still rocking the half-mast harem pants- I seem to recall a video from a solo album he did in the 1980's, where he sported the same. (I like to think, also from the Girlswear Section of Best & Less)
So fear not, intrepid fashion maven, you strut the proper path!
Next, a velvet jacket and some form of undone frilly shirt? Not tied up to the neck, of course, lest you sartorially resemble Adam Ant...

Gianni said...

what about SWAG ?
Love the bracelet- great idea-
I am a big fan of epsom salts & lavender, but have never seen them together.

Anonymous said...