Monday, June 14, 2010

I Do Love Nothing More Than a Recurring Consonant

No Walking Down Steep Hills for This High Flyer.
Hi Netters!!
At this v. moment, I am feeling a range of emotions all the way from 'A' to 'B'.
Of course I'm rather self-consciously stealing that line from Famous Alcoholic Wit, Dorothy Parker who said that about Katherine Hepburn's acting.
I won't bother walking you through all of them, but I guess the Main Emotion is Frustration.
You see, I've been desperate to post my entry about attending The SATC charity event for Simply Days, but sadly have been prevented because I had to mark a hundred & twelve exam papers over Our Almost Over Queen's Birthday Long Weekend.
And now its almost my Official Bedtime. So I must hurry along. And I'm in Teacher Marking Mode instead of Blog Mode. Quelle Horreur!
Oh dear, I hope I'm not whining or even worse, Making an Excuse.

It happened on thursday nite. A large Gaggle of Middleagedwomen descended on a local cinema to drink a Cosmo & eat sushi that came as part of the ticket price. Note that I've used the term 'gaggle' as a Collective Noun. But it doesn't feel right.
Perhaps 'Melee' would be better. A Melee of MAW. Oh, I do love a Recurring Consonant!

I spent quite a large hunk of time talking to The Towering Inferno Lady in the first photo. I was mesmerised by the height & was anxious to ask her about walking in them. She said that you absolutely can't walk down steep hills in them because your foot is pushed forward enough as it is.

I Want a Muscular Back Too.
And here's the Back of Miss Jay, The School's Games Mistress who is of course my Boot Camp Mistress. No prizes for guessing which character she came as. Miss Jay organised the event to raise money for 'Can Too', a charity which supports kids with cancer.

Smug Never Pays.
And here's me at the bar holding a cosmo that I didn't drink because I thought that if I drank it I might get more annoyed with the film than if I didn't drink it. I'm sure that was the right decision. But to tell you the truth, I'm a bit of a wowser anyway. I love nothing more than to smugly say 'No thanks' to a drink when everyone around me is getting legless.
Talking of Smug, take a close look if you can bear it of Me. I thought I was so extra specially smart & sassy for buying this little satin jacket at 'Bednobs&' for a v. low five bucks. If you look you can see why it was soo cheap. Nasty Sweat Stain under both armpits. Of course on the nite I was Blissfully Unaware of this which is just as well because I judged the Best Dressed.
Also note my Hair. I had it cut & then boldly asked the hairdresser to apply the Straightening Wand.
Ah! What a machine. In a twinkling, it totally transformed my hair into a Straight Silken Curtain. Oh God I wish I could think of another word for curtain that started with 'S'. Then my Blog Entry would be Compleat!

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