Saturday, June 26, 2010

Showing & Telling More Than I Thought I'd Tell

This is a Show & Not Tell Much Blog Entry.
1. I'm now on holidays for perhaps three weeks but it doesn't feel like it because I've got to mark 74 papers by friday. I'm not Officially Whining, merely stating a fact.

2. Whilst on hols I intend to resume my Middleagedteacher Happiness Project by doing something that I love doing every day. I begin tomorrow by meeting my friend Trixie & seeing 'Toy Story 3'. Tyler & Hunter have seen it & assure me that it is right up my alley, particularly when Ken gives Barbie a tour of his wardrobe.

2(a) After the movie which we hope isn't full of screaming children also on School Holidays, we will eat our usual meals at 'Nando's Slightly Mexican Chicken Eatery' in the Food Court of Broadway Shopping Centre in a part of Sydney that makes me nervous for Reasons I Can't Divulge But I'd Love To. We may see if 'Target' has a DVD sale on. Perhaps I might venture into 'K-Mart' for more Yoga/Boot Camp outfits. Talking of which, I would sooo long for all of Jane Fonda's workout outfits including Leg Warmers from a long ago decade to be re-launched. Is that the right word, I wonder? I would snap them up with glee. And perhaps greed.

3. The picture above is the window of a local shoppe, 'Macleay on Manning'. It v. briefly featured floral watercolours by artist, James Gordon. I totally love them & have considered spending my holiday painting flowers instead of Shivering in my Studio. Or is it, 'Angsting in my Atelier'? Or 'Brooding in my 'Boudoir'?

4. During the term I uncharacteristically walked into a Science Lab. Sadly, as an English teacher, I have little use for a Lab. With large models of Human Internal Organs & Real Dead Things languishing in formaldehyde, I am reminded of Damien Hurst's Artwork only at a fraction of the price.
Anyway, I found this poster of the Human Digestive System decorating a lab. I was instantly entranced. I hope you are too.

5. I am still amazed by the growing population of Eiffel Towers all around me.
Is it a sign? Should I go to Paris? I have always eschewed Frenchness, particularly the way that Middleagedwomen carry on about it.
Oops.....better get off that Topic Quick Smart in case I offend somebody. Can't have that.

6. Lastly, I do so love a Message Pinned to a Tree. It was directly outside my apartment building.

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Rebecca said...

Happy holidays! Why NOT Paris? I definitely think the towers are a sign. If you're wanting to spend your holiday in a warm place, you can come visit me in Indiana USA!

Re. the comment in last post, I meant remove MY comment lest I offend. I get a lot in languages I can't read and just "reject" them...I guess I should figure out how to use a blogger translator, but until then, I figure I could innocently be channeling Terrorist Propaganda for all I know!

(Then again, it may contain offers of billions of dollars...)