Monday, May 10, 2010

Flapping My Bingo Wings

Hello & Welcome , Internetlings!
Behold me at last week's Boot Camp Extravaganza.
I am Mounting an Upsidedown Pod. You can't imagine how tricky it was.
Miss Jay, the Games Mistress had to hold on to me for quite some time until I got whatever Bearings I Still Have. Apparently, the older you get, the more balance you lose. That's why old people take little mincing steps instead of Big Strides when they run. Or perhaps Trot.

You may have noted that I'm wearing a Pedometer. It told me that I took over 14,000 steps that day.
So many steps......So much effort.
What on earth was I doing all day, I wondered? Certainly Not participating in the New York Marathon, which is what Miss Jay will be doing in November.
I seem to remember that I spent quite some time at the Whiteboard.
And then of course I had to trot up to 'Zinc' to get my Second Latte. A couple of short trips to the bathroom. And down a few flights of stairs to The School Canteen where I ordered a chicken roll with Aoli & semi-sundried tomatoes.
Perhaps the Pedometer was faulty.

Finally Miss Jay was able to let go. I use my hands to Create the Illusion of Balance.
It worked.

Lastly, here I am flapping my Bingo Wings, dreaming of at last riding a surfboard.
Just like Gidget, the Heroine of my Pubescent Years.


ReaderRita said...

I want to go to a boot camp extravaganza! You always look like you're having a rather fun, albeit exhausting time!

Della Street Dreaming said...

Yes, it is fun, but it is v. tiring. The cardio is the really hard part.

Rebecca said...

My mind is going so many directions with you here! Mainly I'm thinking, "Wow! Her School Canteen has some great sounding Menu Options!"

Next, I'm thinking about Miss Jay and how you must Spice up her Day, etc.

Then my mind flits to your pedometer and the Enormous Number of steps you may or may not have taken that particular day. Perhaps all the bouncing over-stimulated it and it got a little Confused.

I'm running out of thoughts. Just in time to quit rambling.