Monday, May 24, 2010

If Only I Had a Greek Chorus To Follow Me Around.

Tangled Up in Bling
Suddenly its Winter. And I thought I was never gonna see its face again because Climate Change stole it.
I was wrong. At least for the moment. Maybe its a more gradual theft.
But what would I know, I don't even understand how the Can Opener works. Which is a line from 'Hannah & her Sisters', my favourite Woody Allen movie. Not that I've liked any of his movies since. Maybe 'Mighty Aphrodite' but only because it had a Greek Chorus in it.
I'd soo love for this blog to have a Greek Chorus Component, or would it be called a Widget, I wonder? I'm not sure.
Here's How it would work:
As you read a blog entry, disembodied voices would emerge from the computer, providing Valuable & Informative Commentary on what's been written.
I've just spent the last ten minutes trying to think of an example of what they might say that Preferably Rhymed. Not that I think Greek Chorus' rhymed. I imagine that it would be hard to rhyme in Latin.

Anyway, about five hours ago, I wrote a heading that said, 'Tangled Up in Bling' which referred to the incredible mess of bracelets that I wore yesterday that left huge indentations in my arm that were slightly off-putting. But Ultimately Worth It. I wound them around each other v. tightly like the Highly -Tuned Instruments of Beauty that they are.

Here I am today wearing a Toy Burberry scarf which looks just a Tad Tryhardy in the picture. But I absolutely had to wear it because I can't seem to find enough warm clothes.
I must say that my wardrobe is thoroughly unprepared for Winter. Its still full of Summer & Trans-Seasonal clothes. Now there's a term you don't hear so often these days. I think it was popular in another century. But I'm not sure.

The School Newspaper has got nothing to say. So, they've asked me to write a short column about My Outfits to fill up the space.
And here it is...

When I was approached by the editors of 'Flowers & Sunshine' to write a little column about Me & Fashion or is it, 'Fashion & Me' (?) , I was thrilled. Finally someone recognises me as a True Fashionista, I thought. Surely, it will be just a matter of time before I have a regular column in 'Vogue' & then my own Fashion show on TV. Perhaps even my own Channel.

'The Middleagedteacher Channel - where Style is Always Top of the Class!'

Perhaps I'm getting a little Carried Away. And I've only got about a hundred words or so left.

So I'll just finish off with a little list of My Fashion Loves. I do so love a list.

1. Black Bonds singlets.

2. Footless Tights. Ever since the eighties.

3. 'Diva' Big Jewels. But only when they're on sale for five bucks.

4. Trench coats. When I'm wearing one, I pretend I'm French. You know, like Charlotte Gainsbourg.

8. Pearls. The bigger the better. Blondes & Pearls go together like 'Traffic & Weather'.

9. Chanel. I went into the 'Chanel' shop at Bondi Westfield to inquire the cost of a v. small quilted handbag. $4000. An entire village in Africa could be fed for maybe a year on it.
But it doesn't stop me wanting one.

10. Wild Animal Jewels. Glittering Lions, tigers, panthers, elephants, giraffes. But Absolutely No domestic cats. They're too cute. And we all know that Cute & Middleaged don't go together.

Next issue, I'll tell you why I never wear jeans. Can't wait.


see you there! said...

Great writing for the newspaper. I never wear jeans eithe. My reason is simple, I never found a pair that fit and years ago quit trying.


Della Street Dreaming said...

I'm glad Darla that there's another person who doesn't wear jeans out there as I absolutely don't know another soul who doesn't wear jeans!

Gianni said...

Don't wear jeans either, too constricting.
Love the pearls & rhinestones together, and that black skirt is adorable.
Think you could for sure have a program on BBC.