Monday, May 5, 2008

Colour My World

Recently I attended an 80th Birthday party of a stylish lady who I've known all my life. All her four daughters, all past forty , wore black to the party. When I asked Chris, a middle daughter was it a planned colour combination, she gaily replied, "Darling, Black isn't a Colour, it's a way of Life!'
I was quite impressed with that snappy retort, even though I'm sure it's been said a few times before.
I can't understand why black has been embraced like this.I remember going through a time in the late eighties/early nineties when I wore a whole lot of black crepe dresses from the forties.Those were the halycon days when stuff like that was still sold in musty old second hand shops ran by chain-smoking old women. I thought I was awfully urban cool wearing the dresses with Doc Martins. The only other types who wore black then were the Insider Fashion People & Meditteranean Widows. Nowadays, every middle aged woman who wants to look Smart & Slim & Sexy wears black. Trouble is, they just end up looking like everyone else trying to look Slim & Smart & Sexy.

I've posted a few pics to demonstrate the wonderfulness of colour. The blond in the fab orange dress is not me, but one of my colleagues who was sporting this new look yesterday. Then there's my almost favourite The Sartorialist photo of a really cool, probably Fashion Insider Type swathed in red. God I wish he'd have more of these pics instead of Old Blokes who look like Rupert Bear smoking cigars.
Then there's pics of me in Red & red bangles & shoes, because, after all, It's Always About Me!

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e. beck said...

darla sent me over to read you ... and i've quite enjoyed page after page of your blog .....
i stopped to post here, cause i'm a color girl too .... in particular, orange and green ... and in particular, orange shoes .....