Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wonder Woman of the Kitchen

Yesterday, one of my students said that she couldn't imagine me doing anything domestic like cooking or perhaps dusting. How wrong she is. But I loved that there's parts of me that arn't immediately obvious to people. Although I'm a Lousy Housekeeper, I love arranging things in the house & I'm an experienced cook, specialising in making Huge Meals for Greedy People.
Here's me, in my kitchen. It's my favourite room with an unexpected view of The Sydney Harbour Bridge & a couple of the wings of the Opera House sticking out. Last year, it was an authentic 1950s kitchen that looked kinda cute at first glance but was horrid to work in. It housed a large population of creepy cockroaches, the cupboard heights were made for midgets, a dangerously sloping cook top made all the pans slide on the floor & the oven didn't work. We got the Kitchen People in who demolished the lot & replaced it with Wonder Woman's Kitchen. The stainless steel benchtop is just perfect for me to showcase my collection of old vases & the green terrazzo island benchtop displays the Sympathetic Pig perfectly. He keeps me from cooking with bacon as I think pigs are treated appallingly.

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