Monday, May 26, 2008

It's Like Running an Empire With No Subjects

With bucket loads of old crap rotting in ziplock bags & old biscuit tins, I felt it was time to start making some necklaces again. I can't stand those well-meaning but whiny blogs where people talk about creative projects they're desperate to finish if only they had the time. But in my particular case, it's true. It's like I'm running an Empire with no subjects. With all my frantic thrifting to find more outfits to feature in even more outfit snaps to upload to flickr's wardrobe_remix,as well as documenting the rest of my life to use as fodder for this blog, I've hardly got time to go to work & do all the things that I'm actually paid to do.
But this past weekend between thrifting & snapping, I managed to start necklace production.Here's a sample in their unfinished state. It's great fun to make the centrepiece - it's like making a sculpture, but then deciding what beads to string around it is actually the hard part. So, I'll have to finish them this week, & publish the results by the weekend. What a challenge! If only I was like the overblown artist, Jeff Koons who has a whole army of worker bees toiling away in his Factory Atelier.


Clara said...

Such lovely necklaces! I'd be curious to know where you get all your beads and such.

Jenny said...

I was alerted to your lastest wardrobe post featuring footie fan by Ms M who was vastly amused. Looks like you had a busy and creative weekend. Mine was fab and have lots to talk about of a literary/cultural nature. Brekkie soon?